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  1. Lana Halpern says:

    Great website. My favorite Turkey is called
    Sure Sucess Moist Turkey, Pasted and Basted.
    Also, I do not make one big bird. I usally make 2 10-12 lbs Turkeys. (Don’t have to wake up early.
    I use the smaller of the two in the middle of my tray for the presentation
    I slice the second one and arrange it all around the tray and then garnish.
    I use the Carcass for Turkey Noodle Soup of the first one, and add any
    leftover Turkey pieces that cannot be used for sandwiches the next day.
    If I have to, I will cut the center turkey for extra legs, wings, or white meat depending
    on who is coming. Normally, with all the trimmings and appetizers, I never need the whole second Turkey. Finally, I can make two stuffings that way. One is traditional, bread, onion, celery, and the other cornbread, apple and sausage.

    • Yeah, the waking up early part was not ideal especially as I was assured by seasoned turkey/Thanksgiving people that it would have been thawed by the time I woke up! I’ll definitely take into consideration the leftover ideas you mentioned for this year. I pretty much gave what was left to my sister. Maybe I’ll keep some more back this year 😉 Hope you continue to follow our blog!

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