Exploding meatballs

Note to self: purchase food processor. But we’ll get to that later in the blog.

After seeing Tyler cook chicken noodle soup on his Ultimate cooking show, I was looking forward to making this soup. While my mom’s is fabulous and great comfort food, I liked the idea of apple/chicken sausage meatballs and cheese tortellini that would definitely add a bit more kick.

Soup stock, is well, soup stock. Pretty simple and the recipe made it clear what I needed to do to start the base of the soup. However, the recipe calls for 3 cloves of garlic and adding half to the stock and saving the rest for later. However, there is NO WHERE in the recipe that calls for garlic. After reading, and rereading the recipe like 5 times, I decided to just add it to the stock. So, the stock is cooking and getting happy (to coin an Emeril phrase), I move on to the meatballs.

What a disaster! To begin with, I have never fought harder in removing casings from sausage! It was a full on battle in the kitchen getting the damn things off. Pretty sure I got about 90% of the casings off; quite honestly, I was over it and just threw it in the blender. I followed the recipe to a “t” and put the ingredients in my monster Kitchen Aid blender (see earlier mention of getting a food processor). The blender didn’t cut it, so I took half of the mixture out and tried to mix it that way. Bad idea.

EXPLOIDING MEATBALLS… some of the mixture was on my cabinets, countertop and me. Oddly enough there isn’t a call for breadcrumbs. Weird. One egg and cheese didn’t do a good job of binding the meatballs. When I used my small scooper to make the meatballs, they fell apart. Flipping them in the pan only made it worse. Frustrated, and unsure if the meatballs were actually cooked through, I decided to make it more like ground beef. So, lots of “free floating” meat in my soup! I almost gave up.

But onward and upward and finished the soup, albeit not the way I intended and pretty sure Tyler wouldn’t have envisioned it either. I was so exasperated; I went to 7-Eleven and got a six-pack of Miller Lite. Talk about stressful.

The overall taste is really good. But I froze almost all of it and ate it the following day for lunch. It was pretty oily. In the recipe, there is no direction on how much oil to use. I guesstimated, and well, oily. I’m not sure I would make this again, even with the tortellini and shredded cheese as a garnish (which is a nice touch). If I were to do it again, I would add breadcrumbs to help bind the meatballs. Also, I don’t think one needs to get apple/chicken sausage (it is pricey, but it was on sale at Harris Teeter). I think you could go with a mild sausage and let the cheese from the tortellini be the subtle tasty component.


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6 Responses to Exploding meatballs

  1. Randy says:

    Kaboom. Did they actually explode???? Nice description of the cooking process….

  2. Syd says:

    Nice to hear we all have “kitchen nightmares” – even Delicious Divas!

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