I love pasta, this one is a keeper

Tyler's Spaghetti Carbonara

My daughters Kristine and Jennifer invited me to participate in doing a “Julie and Julia” type-cooking project using Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Cookbook.  The project sounded like fun so I jumped right in.  First job buy book and then choose a recipe.  The first recipe I chose was Tyler’s Ultimate Spaghetti Carbonara.

 While flipping through the cookbook my eye caught the fact that this recipe was Tyler’s first authentic pasta recipe that he mastered.  Growing up in Brooklyn, New York I learned to cook and love Italian food.  So, I decided that this would be the first recipe I would try.

 One of my favorite foods when I was a child was what I called spaghetti with red sauce.  This concoction consisted of thin spaghetti and a can of Del Monte sauce.  I loved it.  As I got older I added cheese to the mix.  YUM!  As a mom I introduced this same recipe to my girls and we called it “Out of Town” spaghetti.  This name was tagged onto the dish, as the girl’s dad did not like it.  He thought it was weird but my girls loved it.  So, whenever he was on travel we had at least one “Out of Town” spaghetti dinner night.  He just did no know what he was missing.  For me it was, and remains, a wonderful comfort food.

 Of course, as the years rolled by my tastes became more sophisticated and I learned to cook many wonderful Italian sauces.  As my children will attest I make a mean lasagna with my own homemade meat sauce.

 Well, on to Tyler’s recipe.  First, the ingredients were simple enough although I found the Reggiano cheese to be expensive. 

 One problem I ran into was cutting the bacon into thin crosswise strips.  The bacon was soft and watery so it was difficult to cut.  I used two different kinds of knives and felt that I was making a mess.  I think the next time I make this recipe I will put my slices of bacon in the freezer for just a while to firm up the meat before cutting.

 Following the recipe was rather simple too.  However, I found the second step, “Heat a 3-count of olive oil in a skillet” to be ambiguous.  3-count.  What is that?  I believe that a novice cook would have trouble with that unless he/she watched his show.  However, the rest of the directions were clear and simple to follow.

 The spaghetti turned out to be delicious.  The pasta was al dente, the sauce creamy, and overall enjoyed by Randy and myself.

 I would definitely make this recipe again for us and for company.  You can find the recipe at the following website.


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    I really like itt when folks come together and share thoughts.
    Great website, keep it up!

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