“I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it…”

Roasted Chicken Provencal

Whenever I start to sing the words to the 1984 Pointer Sisters song, “I’m So Excited” it’s because I have just had a wonderful happening in my life.  Well, last night was just great.  I cooked an entire Tyler Florence meal from appetizer to dessert and wowed not only my husband but our friends, Bob and Eva too.

 For the appetizer I chose Tyler’s Spanish Ham And Melon With Spiced Vinaigrette.  The ripe cantaloupe, Serrano ham and a very light but flavorful drizzle over top was a perfect way to start the dinner on a hot summer’s night.  One challenge I had was finding the spice, Fenugreek.  Fortunately, I had looked up the spice on the Internet and learned that it was frequently used in curry.  So, when I could not find it at my local grocery stores, and yes I mean stores, I decided to use curry in my drizzle.  Everyone loved it.

 For the main course I chose Tyler’s Ultimate Roasted Chicken Provencal with squash, tomatoes, lemon slices and onions.  The roasted chicken was incredibly moist, tender and flavorful.  The chicken was so moist and tender the meat quite literally fell off the bones.  The paste mixture of parsley, tarragon, thyme, garlic and olive oil used to coat the entire chicken served well not only to flavor the chicken but hold in the juices as well.  My husband, who does not like squash, ate all the vegetables with zeal and kept remarking how wonderful they tasted.

I decided to also make Tyler’s Velvet Potato Puree and a mixed greens salad with julienne carrots and sweet peppers with an olive oil dressing to round out the main part of the meal.  As for the potatoes, I doubled the recipe and still the entire bowl was gone.  The salad was of my own making and very simple but very refreshing.

 The dessert I chose Tyler’s Ultimate Chocolate Mousse.  I love chocolate and frankly everyone I know loves chocolate so there was no hard thought put into the choice.  I also chose this recipe because mousse tends to be very light and airy.  Now here I had a little trouble.  It actually came out a little denser than I would have liked but I believe that I probably overworked the chocolate mixture when I was folding in the heavy cream.  Trust me, it didn’t matter to anyone at the table.  I topped the dessert off with whipped cream and shavings from a Hershey bar.  YUM! 

There was absolutely nothing left over from the entire meal.  The chicken was picked down to the bones and every bowl was empty.  Bob and Eva arrived as I was taking out the chicken and vegetables.  Eva kept saying, “Wow that looks wonderful.”  All during the meal between bites Bob kept saying things like, “Mary this tastes great.”  “This chicken is so tender.”  “What did you put on these vegetables?”  No one talked during dessert at least anything of consequence.  Now I ask you, what more could a cook ask for? 

I have only linked to two of the recipes I used.  While out on the web I encountered some trouble not only finding links but picking up malware that unfortunately infected my computer.  Consequently, I only have two links to offer the appetizer and dessert.  The recipes can be found in Tyler’s Ultimate-Brilliant Simple Food to Make Anytime cookbook.  The recipe for roasted chicken I used can be found on page 132 and the potato recipe on page 198.  Enjoy!




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2 Responses to “I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it…”

  1. Syd says:

    Sounds wonderful!!!

    • Oh, my goodness you would have loved this entire meal. Although I did mention that the chocolate mousse turned out a little denser than it should have and other problems. I have made that recipe again just recently and will blog about it in the coming days. Keep in touch. Thanks for stopping by the site.

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