The Hungry Monster Lives In My House

The Hungry Monster who lives in my house!

I have been struggling for the past eight years with both my diet and exercise regimens.   I eat from hunger, boredom, depression, frustration, etc.  I think the Hungry Monster from Weight Watchers lives in my house and controls what I eat.   He lurks in my kitchen, my living room even the bathroom when I brush my teeth.  I need to stop this crazy obsession with food.

I need to get my diet under control.  I had many years ago participated in the Weight Watchers program and was really quite successful but I was also very active then.  I did all the things that super moms still do today, worked outside the home, reared beautiful and active children, cared and pampered my constantly traveling husband, and kept a nice home.  And, I loved to cook then too so, of course, I entertained quite a bit. 

 So what you ask has contributed to this preoccupation with food.  Well, I have been retired now for ten years.  Shortly thereafter my new husband and I left our families and friends behind in Virginia and moved to what I laughingly call the backwoods of Florida.  I only do so when I can’t find the right ingredient for a recipe I am trying.  I get very frustrated roaming aimlessly around grocery stores asking mangers to help me find things like ancho chiles or fenugreek just to mention a few.  I guess there was just to many changes and frankly I really didn’t adjust very well. 

 My daughter, Kristine, who is much more aware and active than I in maintaining her weight was always concerned that she could not stabilize her weight and would get frustrated periodically.  So, we decided to follow the Weight Watchers program together.

 So, we have joined together as each other’s support buddies with daily updates on our progress (or lack thereof), exchanging recipes that we come across that are healthy, nutritious and really good tasting.  After all, what is the point of eating something if it doesn’t taste good? 

 She is doing exceptionally well at keeping track of her points and has learned how to indulge those once in a while cravings when you just have to have something incredibly decadent like Godiva chocolates and still maintain.  Me, I don’t handle the cravings quite as well. 

I have to tell you that this was not an easy decision for me at all as I tend to be a very private person.  Ask me my age and I will proudly proclaim, “I’m 65”.  But ask me my weight and you will get the silent treatment as well as a death stare that can wilt even the hardiest of my friends. 

We have taken some baby steps towards our goal of being healthier and fitter.  We both use a lot of recipes from the pages of Cooking Light.  We have both read the Cooking Light magazine for years and have even added some of their recipes to our own Gager Family Cookbook.  

 Another step we took towards getting healthier was purchasing The Living Cookbook software.  This software provides nutritional information for any recipe that is entered.  Neither of us wants to give up those recipes that we have loved for so many years so what a great feature!  Good Lord, I can’t imagine giving up Boston Cream Pie, Seafood Crepes, or any of the other wonderful recipes in our collection of family recipes. 

 We are each are exploring our respective home towns for farmer’s markets looking for homegrown vegetables and fruits as well as being more aware of buying these things in season.  Of course, cheaper doesn’t hurt.  I recently went to the Marion Market a combination flea market and farmer’s market and bought vegetables for $5.00 that would have cost me $9.00 in the supermarket.  Always happy to save a dollar or two.

 Is it working?  Yes, I believe it is.  The icing on the cake (OMG I’m talking food words again.) will be when I cross the finish line at next year’s Disney Marathon a thinner and fitter me.  But then that is another story for another blog.



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2 Responses to The Hungry Monster Lives In My House

  1. Keleigh Taylor says:

    Thank you very much for your blog. I look forward to reading much more and trying your healthier receipts!

    • You are very welcome. I love WW and look forward to getting much more serious about following the program in the coming months. As I mentioned I need to get more serious as I have started to train for a half marathon I am going to participate in next January. Kristine and I are always on the hunt for good, healthy recipes and will share those that also have great taste. Thanks for stopping by our site.

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