I really do follow directions…

with the exception of Christmas Day.

My sister Jennifer hosts Christmas Day dinner every year, and I was there to help out with the cooking and decorating the table for the 15 guests that were invited to the house to celebrate. Everything was moving along splendidly. The apple pie was made the night before, the Boston Cream Pie was, well made (the cake  that is, but we’ll get to that later), the ham was in the oven and the au gratin potatoes were prepared so all we had to do was put them in the oven. So Jennifer put me in charge of getting the cocktail meatballs ready and she would roll them.  So I did as I was told and started putting everything in a bowl to mix it. Thank goodness Jennifer turned around when she did!

Jen: “What are you doing???!”

Me: “Making the meatballs.”

Jen: “You’re not supposed to put EVERYTHING in the bowl. The grape jelly is for the sauce.”

(Picture Jennifer scrapping the grape jelly out of the bowl and putting to the side)

Me: “I’m so sorry. We’ll need to scrape the chili sauce and set that aside.”

Jen:  “Did you put the entire bottle of chili sauce in there too?”

Me (timid response): “Yes.”

Well, we got the chili sauce out of the mixture and set that aside and took out the meat, so we could remake the base of the meatballs.

Jen: “Only put in the ingredients through the Worsteshire sauce.”

Then we needed to figure out to add an ingredient to the salvaged chili sauce. In reading the label, we determined we could either use tomato sauce or ketchup. Ketchup won.  Meanwhile, I was apologizing profusely and exclaiming that I had ruined Christmas dinner and asked if I needed to go to Giant (read me being very melodramatic. It’s a family trait, so I can’t be entirely to blame for my over the top reactions in times of crises).

Needless to say, they turned out fabulous and thankfully my nephew enjoys ketchup sandwiches (there’s a Costco-sized bottle of ketchup in the refrigerator) so we were able to create more sauce. If we were at my place, I would’ve been in the car to find an open Giant buying a jar of chili sauce.

Then there was the Boston Cream Pie, or as we refer to it, BCP. We have been eating this pie since we were kids, and it’s a fan favorite. There’s just something about it that is just SO good. So we decided to make it for Christmas. The cake came out fine…it bounced back when pressed and the toothpick came out clean. But the cake wasn’t cooperating when we went to take it out of the pan. It basically started falling apart and then decided to cling to the pan when we flipped it over. We tried to piece it back together like a jigsaw puzzle, so we could cut it in half. No such luck.

What to do? I came up with the idea of making parfaits in wine glasses, but Jennifer brought up the point that we wouldn’t know how many to make. So, that option wasn’t going to work. Then I spied her trifle bowl. Why not just make a BCP trifle? In theory good idea and it turned out well. Cake saved. Although, we had to make a double batch of chocolate sauce to pour over the cake/custard. It wasn’t the prettiest thing you will ever see on a buffet, but the kids loved it and there was nothing left. So I guess it was good.

Note: This blog appeared on my Facebook page in De. ’09

— Kristine

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