My tweets with Tyler Florence

Recently, I read an article about how Tyler Florence loves to tweet (@TylerFlorence), and that those tweets, are mostly him retweeting comments made by others on how great he is and/or something about his new iPhone app. I don’t have an iPhone, but will admit the app is pretty awesome. Okay, I exaggerate as he does tweet recipes as well. While I got the answer I was looking for regarding the recipe, I still didn’t get the answer I needed for my other question. This made me comb through my Facebook note section about a post I did about a Twitter exchange I had with Tyler himself. What made me think about posting this on our blog is that as I am in public relations it is amazing to me how this social media platform can cause quite a stir.

So, I posted to my twitter account “Made Tyler Florence’s Choco Banana Bread…not impressed” and apparently was a call to action by the Chef himself to send me a tweet. Of course, I couldn’t believe that he wrote back, but we are in the digital age and a new age of consumerism is upon us. He’s no dummy. When someone says that your ultimate recipe in a nutshell sucks, you better figure out why. So, instead of working, I had the following conversation with Tyler via Twitter. Below is the exchange.

Made Tyler Florence’s Chocolate Banana Bread…not impressed (9:44 AM Oct 20th from TweetDeck)

@gager36 that is a great recipe. Not sure what happened, you want to talk it through???

@TylerFlorence Would love to talk it through as my mom, sister and i are doing our own “julie/julia” project with your ultimate cookbook

@gager36 so tell me what went wrong and I’ll tell you how to mix it…

@TylerFlorence even though i used wheat flour (never had a prob b4), i followed the recipe to the letter. it was too dry, needs moisture.

@gager36 wheat flour is your problem right away. Because of the ground whole grain, it takes more fat (butter,oil)to make it moist.

@TylerFlorence Got it. I’ll give it another shot! Also, can we talk chicken soup? it calls for 3 cloves of garlic, but only uses 1.5 cloves

@gager36 if you really want to use whole wheat in the recipe, try cutting in in half 50/50 wheat/AP. With the chicken soup,3cloves of garlic

@TylerFlorence yes, 3 cloves. 1.5 in the stock and the other 1/2 goes…? I’ve re-read the recipe online over & over. no mention.*

@gager36 I’ve got a few chicken stock recipes, so I’m not sure which one you’re talking about. The more garlic the better. All three cloves

@TylerFlorence I ended up putting all 3 cloves in the soup, need to find a way to make the meatballs bind better

@gager36 meatballs need to be able to hold up to the cooking process but fall apart with the weight of a spoon. Make the recipe as is.

So…according to Tyler Florence, it’s not an issue of binding the meatballs, but rather a “heavy spoon”. I don’t quite get that response. Yes, I was frustrated and had to de-stress with a 6-pack of beer, but I didn’t beat the bloody meatballs to a “free floating” mess. They just fell apart. Oh well. In any event, this was way better than work. Enough that my VP is DYING to know how the exchange went.

For the banana bread, try his version first before modifying it. Hopefully, it won’t be as dry.

*It should be noted that this is the first of several recipes that I have made from one of his cookbooks where this has happened. My mom has had the same problem.

— Kristine

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