I don’t like fish, I need fish in my diet so…

Picture from September 1998 issue Cooking Light-Barbecue Roasted Salmon






…when my daughter Kristine sent me this recipe I thought okay I’ll give it a try. The recipe, Barbecue roasted salmon, is from the September 1998 issue of Cooking Light magazine.

 Whenever Kristine discovers, what she thinks is a good recipe, she usually emails to me or sends me the link so I can try it. I have over the years come to appreciate that as she is constantly searching for food that is not only good but nutritional as well.

You will love this recipe! The first time I made this recipe I had invited a house full of neighbors over a dinner of salmon, brown rice, asparagus, a salad of mixed greens, fresh fruit and ice cream sundaes for dessert. It was a really hot day in Florida and I have two neighbors who, at the time, ate ice cream like there was no tomorrow.

The sweetness of the brown sugar and cinnamon along with the spiciness of the chili powder and cumin made for wonderful combination of tastes. My favorite ingredient is the cinnamon.

The recipe is easy. First step marinade the salmon in pineapple and lemon juices. Second step prepare the barbecue rub of brown sugar, chili powder, grated lemon rind, cumin, salt and cinnamon and rub generously on the salmon. Third step place in the oven and bake. The salmon comes out flaky and moist and tastes sweet and tart all at once. I love it.

Everyone took home a copy of the recipe that night. Fortunately for me I have a wonderful printer/copier/fax machine at the ready for such requests.

Recently my brother-in-law, Brian, who is a wonderful cook, came to visit so I made the barbecue salmon while he was here. He too went home with the recipe in hand. That’s how good this recipe is. Once served to someone you need to have copies available to pass around.



 Nutritional Info:

Not only is the salmon delicious but also has great nutritional value, as it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, linked to maintaining a healthy heart. These two facts alone make this a must have in anyone’s recipe collection. If you would like to check out other health benefits of eating salmon go out to healthcastle.com.
In the meantime, I am looking for other healthy recipes from my own recipe collection and recipes from family and friends as I count down my days, weeks and months to my participation in the Disney Half Marathon in January. Any recipes you would like to share send them along.

Calories 314(42% from fat); Fat 14.7g(sat 2.5g, mono 6.9g. poly 3.3g); Protein 35.3g; Carbohydrates 9g; Fiber 1g; Cholesterol 111mg; Iron 1.5mg; Sodium 405mg; Calcium 30mg

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7 Responses to I don’t like fish, I need fish in my diet so…

  1. As my mom noted, a nice spring mix salad is perfect with this dish, especially during the summer. I like a good poppy seed dressing as it complements the spices in the rub perfectly. I used to buy Naturally Fresh’s Poppy Seed dressing, but it’s a bit to creamy for my tastes now and doesn’t fit my Weight Watcher’s diet. So, I found a perfect dressing recipe from Cooking Light that is simple to make. The recipe is as follows:

    1/4 cup sugar
    1 tablespoon minced fresh onion
    3 tablespoons cider vinegar
    1 teaspoon poppy seeds
    4 teaspoons canola oil
    1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
    1/4 teaspoon salt

    To prepare dressing, combine 1/4 cup sugar and the remaining ingredients, stirring with a whisk until sugar dissolves.


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