Hot Summer Days, Cookouts & Lemonade Pie

Slice of Lemonade Pie, YUM!

It is soooooo hot!!  Hot though it may be one of the things I really love about hot summer days are get togethers with friends and family.  I love the whole barbecue idea of cooking outside and not working in a hot kitchen.  I love that everyone brings something to share, less work for the host/hostess (me). I especially love watermelon seed spitting contests.  Yes, I said watermelon seed spitting contests.  I won my first one (and only at this point) a few years ago at a neighborhood Fourth of July celebration hosted by our fun-loving friend Lorraine.  And then there is my love for Lemonade Pie.

The Fourth of July holiday is just a few days away.  So I thought I would share this Lemonade Pie recipe with you. I have had this recipe in my collection for over thirty-five years.  I cannot remember where I got it but it was handwritten by a friend/neighbor many years ago when I lived in Virginia. (People need to remember to put their names on recipe cards.) You can tell I love this recipe because the card is well stained, as all good recipe cards should be after many years of loving use.

This recipe calls for only four ingredients all readily available in the grocery store and is simple to prepare.   All you need is one bowl, one spoon and two graham cracker piecrusts.

 Lemonade Pie

1 – 6 ounce can thawed lemonade

1 – can Eagle Brand milk

Stir these two ingredients together well with spoon.

Fold in 1 – 9 oz. thawed Cool Whip.

Pour into two large Graham Cracker crusts.

Allow to stand 1 hour before serving in refrigerator.

Keep refrigerated.

(I usually make early in the morning or the day before)

As you can see the recipe makes two pies.  Each pie can be cut into eight slices.  The result is a cool, creamy, refreshing dessert with just a hint of lemonade.

I have taken this pie to many a gathering over the years and it was always gone as soon as it is on the table.  I have given this recipe away many times over as well.  Of course, I make it just for my family and myself as well.  It just happens to be one of Randy’s favorites during these very long, hot, sultry days in Florida.  Another good thing about this dessert is that it lasts a good long time in the refrigerator.  This is welcome especially those times when I prepare it for just Randy and I. (Cooking for two is a such a challenge.)

When I mentioned to Kristine that I was going to make this for Randy recently she said excitedly, “I remember those, I remember you used to make them in the summertime.  I loved Lemonade Pie”.  And, then she proceeded to ask me if I had included it in the family cookbook.  The family cookbook is a compilation of family recipes that my girls grew up with and especially loved.  I put it together one year as a Christmas gift for each of the girls.  I had not so I had to send her a copy for her files. 

Kristine is heading off to the beach with friends this weekend and is bringing guess what, Lemonade Pie.

Nutritional Info: (Serving size 1/16 of pie (2.2 ounces) 2 pies-16 slices

Calories 300.65 (from fat 171.21); Total Fat 19.34g (Saturated Fat 15.29g); Cholesterol 4.82mg; Sodium 150.68mg; Potassium 415.01mg; Total Carbohydrates 24.85g; Fiber 0.61g; Sugar 14.64g; Protein 2.94g.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July to everyone out there in the blogosphere!

Fairfax City, Virginia Fourth of July Parade 2009-My family started attending this parade back in the 1970's



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4 Responses to Hot Summer Days, Cookouts & Lemonade Pie

  1. Paula McMahon says:

    I’ve printed that recipe–sounds great and so easy!! Thanks.

    • Hi, Paula. It really is that easy and great. Please see nutritional information on site again. I updated it this afternoon. I obviously had trouble with the software I was using and re-entered the information and was given numbers. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!!!!Thanks for stopping by the site and leaving some words. Mary

  2. Kathy says:

    This sounds like a wonderful recipe. I am going to jot it down and make it. Will let you know how fast it gets devoured in this family.

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