Friends, Motorcycles, Things To See & Food To Eat Part I-Sunday

DiMillo's Floating Restaurant Portland, Maine

Sunday we headed to Portland, Maine.  Although we were back on Interstate 95 for part of the day the traffic was much better and the weather was only in the high eighties.  Today was a much more pleasant riding day. 

Sully and Betsy had done the same trip we were doing a few years earlier so recommended some restaurants and places were we could stay and eat along the way.  For Portland they recommended a restaurant called, DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant

We arrived in Portland around two o’clock and had difficulty finding parking.  The downtown was very crowded with tourists and others sightseeing and shopping. We were able to find parking just a block away from the marina in a pubic parking lot for $5.00 so had an easy walk.  Bob, however, spotted that the restaurant had ‘free’ parking and parked right in front of the entrance.  Oh, well.

Well obviously being a restaurant on the waterfront their specialties were offerings such as Maine lobster, crab, haddock, Maine shrimp, sautéed mussels, scallops and clams.   They had a very nice and varied luncheon menu and so we all decided to try different things and then share experiences with our choices.  We asked our waiter, Eric, if he had any recommendations and, of course, recommended anything from the seafood choices but said that the lobster was especially great. 

I had the fried Maine shrimp with mashed potatoes.  What a great choice that turned out to be.  The breading was light and crisp.  The shrimp were very tender.  The mashed potatoes were Yukon gold and had the perfect mixture of milk, butter, salt and pepper just like I make at home.  Randy had a fried Haddock sandwich and said it was wonderful.  Barry had the lobster roll and really enjoyed it. Lana had the lobster too. Char and Bob both had crabmeat choices and unfortunately did not enjoy them very much as they said the crabmeat-lacked taste.

The happy travelers at DiMillo's

DiMillo’s is an upscale restaurant so I felt that the prices were in line with the quality of the food that was being offered.  The most expensive offering on the menu was their lobster by the pound which ran from  1 1/8 lb to 2 1/2 lbs at a cost of $25.00 to $49.00. 

I stopped at the front desk as I was leaving and asked a few questions about the restaurant and discovered that the restaurant had been a car ferry purchased by the DiMillo’s family in 1980 refurbished and then opened as a restaurant in 1982.  According to the history page on the restaurant’s website, “the restaurant rises and falls with the tide twice a day”.  And every table offers special views of the marina”.  Be sure to go out to the website and read the rest of the restaurant’s history.

View of the marina outside DiMillo's

After lunch we decided to walk around the port area for a little while before heading to our hotel for the night.  The port area had many little shops up and down all the streets.  There were many pottery shops, gift shops, and many little eateries as you walk about. Some of the streets were paved with bricks, which made it a little difficult to walk with heavy motorcycle boots. One of the buildings Lana wanted to see was the old Customs Building but even with a map we could not find it.  On our way out of the port area there it was on Commercial Street.  We had been looking in the ‘old port’ area.  We did not find the map very helpful.

We walked around for about two hours and then called it a day.  We headed off to our home for the evening.  Monday we would be heading to Ellsworth, Maine and needed a good night’s sleep.



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3 Responses to Friends, Motorcycles, Things To See & Food To Eat Part I-Sunday

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  2. Kathy says:

    When we drove to Nova Scotia a few years ago, we stopped in Portland and ate at DiMillos and as you stated it was wonderful. Wish we could go back but not on bikes. Take care and have a safe trip

    • We really enjoyed DiMillo’s. The bikes are fun. I love rolling down the highway with no radios to play with, no books to distract. I actually get to see all the wonderful sites around our lovely country. Thanks for the kind words. Keep reading. Mary

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