Friends, Motorcycles, Things To See & Food To Eat Part I-Monday

Here we are at the Home Kitchen Cafe in Rockland, Maine YUM!

Monday we were on the road to Ellsworth, Maine.  What a fine day to travel.  The weather had been getting cooler and cooler the further north we traveled.  And, today we were finally off the interstate system and on the coastal road.  Getting off the interstate highway gave us an opportunity to see wonderful little towns along the way.  Add to that the fact that Randy found a Grateful Dead station on XM radio and I was treated to songs like ‘Casey Jones’ and ‘Sugar Magnolia’ as we rolled down the highway.  Life is good!!!

We had planned to head to Bar Harbor, Maine today but we didn’t leave the hotel until ten o’clock and Lana wanted to stop at the L.L. Bean flagship store which was on the way in Freeport, Maine.  We arrived after a few missed turns at the shopping village where the store was located and agreed that we would only spend one hour shopping.  The men went in one direction the women the other.  I have to tell you this is not an activity to do in brand new heavy motorcycle boots. 

Lana, Barry and Bob all found treasures while there and then we were off again.  I loved today as we rolled through one coastal town after another periodically catching glimpses of the water.  At one point we saw some men clamming as we were going over a bridge. 

I discovered that Maine is considered the ‘land of wild blueberries’.  Wild blueberries have grown in the fields and barrens of Downeast Maine and Canada naturally for thousands of years.  How many Inns also struck me and Bed & Breakfasts’ there were in places like Rockport and Camden and other small towns along the road.  They were lovely and well maintained and all had beautiful flower gardens.  There were so many different varieties of lilies in the gardens and so many hanging baskets.  The towns were all the more beautiful with so many flowers everywhere. 

We were getting hungry around one o’clock so decided to stop and get some lunch.  We stopped in Rockland, Maine.  It was impossible to find a parking place in the main part of the town so we kept going until finally we spotted a small eatery several blocks outside the main part of town and there just happened to be open parking for all three bikes.

The restaurant, Home Kitchen Café, was small and would only seat about twenty-five to thirty people but was very comfortable.  We put two high café tables together by the window so we could keep an eye on the bikes.  From the moment we sat down a very friendly waitress made us comfortable asking where we were from and telling us a little about her greeted us.  She pointed out the specials one of which was a lobster taco, which sounded very intriguing indeed.  She made it a point to let us know that all items on the menu were homemade.  Now, as you know, the word homemade is music to my ears. 

It was hard to decide what to choose because everything on the menu sounded wonderful. Several of our group decided to try the lobster taco.  It’s ingredients included: sautéed lobster on a homemade corn taco shell, cilantro, avocado and a special taco sauce. The taco also came with a side of black beans.  The presentation of the taco was mouth watering to say the least.  Randy had a fried Haddock sandwich on homemade oatmeal bread and was delighted with his choice.  My turkey and cheese sandwich was served on homemade rye bread and it was scrumptious.  We all went away feeling very pleased that we stopped at this quaint, little restaurant.  Please take the time to click on the link for the cafe above and read a full review that was written in 2009 it is a good read.

Home Kitchen Cafe specialty-Lobster Taco YUM!

We finally made it to Ellsworth by around five o’clock just before it started to rain.  Randy had made a reservation just the night before a motel called, Jasper’s Restaurant & Motel right on Route 1.  We had no idea what to expect but were pleasantly surprised.  The motel is an older establishment but well kept and the staff very friendly.  As you can see from the name the motel had a restaurant attached.  And trust me when I tell you the restaurant food did not disappoint.  We all ordered a variety of seafood and all were satisfied with their choices.  Lana ordered the Coconut & Macadamia Nut Shrimp and let me try one.  The shrimp was wonderful.  The coconut and nut breading was perfect, the shrimp tender and the Apricot & Sambal Chili Sauce was spicy and sweet all at once.

Jasper's Restaurant and Motel menu

Up to this point in our journey we had not been ordering desserts but tonight was different.  We discovered from our waitress, Laurie that all the desserts were homemade and that she was actually the baker.  Blueberries are special to Maine and blueberry pie was on the menu so it was meant to be.  I ordered a slice and told Laurie that Randy and I would share it.  She told us that the pie is meant to be an eight slice pie but that they cut into seven pieces so that it is a generous serving.  She also brought two scoops of ice cream since she knew Randy and I would be sharing.  I was very pleased with her extra effort and sang an old song to her that my children used to sing to me when I cooked a good meal, “One, two, three Laurie is a good cooker”.  I am no singer but she seemed pleased at my effort.  Of course, the rest of the group looked at me like I was really strange.  

Yes indeed this was a banner day.  Today was a day filled with great riding, great music, great scenery, great restaurants and great food. 

Tomorrow we are off to Bar Harbor, and beyond.



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4 Responses to Friends, Motorcycles, Things To See & Food To Eat Part I-Monday

  1. Kathy says:

    Yet again, as you all are doing, when we traveled to Nova Scotia we spent a night at an inn in Camden, ME and it was wonderful. Rick was thrilled with the lobster pounds that dotted the country side along with all the blueberries. He loves blueberries. I am enjoying reading about your travels as it brings back such fond memories of our trip.

    • I’m glad you are enjoying the blogs. I enjoy writing them too. The gang has eaten a great deal of lobster on this trip. I had a blueberry mimosa for brunch on Tuesday. Very different. Thanks for stopping the site and leaving some words. Mary

  2. Judy says:

    I enjoyed reading about Rockland, etc as Jim and I are planning to go to Maine this Sept. We’re looking forward to the lobster eating 🙂

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