Friends, Motorcycles, Things To See, Food To Eat Part I-Tuesday

Here we are atop Cadillac Mountain-Acadia National Park

We were up early today had a quick breakfast of coffee and muffins and on the bikes.  The weather had a little nip to it so we dressed a little warmer today especially as our first stop was to ride the loop in Acadia National Park.

Randy and I had been there before but couldn’t wait to get back.  It is truly a wonderful place to visit with its beautiful vistas, lush green woods and panoramic views from atop Cadillac Mountain.  Our plan was to do the 3.5-mile loop around the park then ascend to the summit of the mountain and enjoy the view before heading off to Bar Harbor, Maine.  

View from Cadillac Mountin (overcast)

We got to the summit to find that a foggy mist was still visible down on the water below.  We decided to walk up the trail until the mist had lifted.  We all took a great deal of pictures enjoying the quiet and beauty of the mountain.  It is really interesting to me that there were so many visitors/tourists climbing the rocks, following the trail and taking pictures but all whispering as not to disturb the quiet beauty that lay before us.  I liked that a lot.

Next stop was Bar Harbor. We arrived in Bar Harbor around ten in the morning and decided that we would only stay for a couple of hours as we had a long ride ahead of us to get to St. John, New Brunswick where we had to meet the ferry the next day. Lana had never been there and wanted to see the town so off we went. As we entered the main street of Bar Harbor I said to Randy that the town looked just like Banff, Canada lots of little shops and restaurants all beckoning to you to come in. 

Bar Harbor, Maine-Looking towards water

We parked our bikes and started to prepare to do some sightseeing.  Two couples were walking by and stopped to talk to Bob and Randy about their bikes.  He asked, “Where are you from?”  Most people do not recognize Summerfield, Florida so we always say near Orlando or Ocala.  It was our turn to ask where they were from and were amazed when he said, “Summerfield”. “You’re kidding”, I said.  That’s is actually where we’re from”.  He then asked, “Are you from Del Webb?”  “Yes”, we said “We live in Torrey Pines” and he said that he lived in St. Andrews.  These are both neighborhoods in Del Webb.  John and Cheryl were in Connecticutt visiting their children and doing some day trips around the area.  It really is a small world after all!!!

John Wittenzellner & Randy

How funny is that there we were in the middle of a New England town and run into people from our own community.  Too funny!  Everyone was just amazed.  I got their email addresses so I could send them the next installment of the blog, as they would be mentioned.

 Because we only had a light breakfast we were hungry so decided to catch some brunch at a local restaurant.  Bob and Char had eaten at a restaurant called the Quarter Deck Restaurant down on Main Street. We chose the Quarter Deck because it was down near the water and we wanted to sit outside and enjoy the cool weather and they had an upper deck that was just perfect for all these requirements.  

View of the harbor from the upper deck of the Quarter Deck Restaurant

But, of course, some shopping had to be done first.  The guys waited patiently on the city benches while the girls went in and out of some of the local shops.  The Quarter Deck is, what else, primarily a seafood restaurant.  Most of the group ordered seafood again but Randy said he needed some beef so ordered a burger. 

I wanted to have something a little different so I ordered a turkey wrap and boy was that a good choice.  The tomato basil wrap was perfect.  I have all too often ordered wraps and they are dry and hard to chew.  Not so this one and the smoked turkey was slice deli thin just like I like it.  It was a very good choice indeed.  I noticed on the menu that they had a blueberry mimosa so, of course, I had to try it.  It was really different.  Of course, it had champagne added to that was wild blueberry puree and then a few whole blueberries.  It was bit tart to the taste but I enjoyed it. 

Not everyone seemed to enjoy his or her choices today.  Lana and Bob had lobster salads and didn’t care for them.  For the first time we did not have a consensus about the quality of the food being good.  And we thought their prices were a bit high.

It was time for get back on the road.  Somehow Lana and Barry got separated from the group as we were leaving the town so we drove to a place where we knew Barry and Lana had to pass so we could catch up.  Evidently there is only one way in and out of Mount Desert Island so we knew we would see them eventually.  And sure enough after a while there they were driving down Rt. 3 West in our direction.  All the bikes together we were back on the road again.

The ride to St. John, New Brunswick was a long, hard ride.  There really wasn’t much to see just a few very small communities and stand alone residences.  The roads were in horrible condition.  One minute you were rolling along on pretty nice paved road and then you would hit a long patch of very rough road.  We speculated that the roads must take a bad beating during the winters up in that area.

We made it to St. John around five thirty in the afternoon.  We all decided to run and put our things away and go to dinner.  The hotel was located in an industrial part of town and so there was only one restaurant in the area.  Randy thought the restaurant we were going to looked like a bowling alley it really was not an attractive building at all.  The restaurant, Aquarius Pub, appeared to be a restaurant-bar with a stage for live entertainment and a wooden dance floor. The service was very friendly and the menu offerings were quite basic.  It really didn’t matter I just wanted to get back to the hotel and rest for a while before calling it a day.

Tomorrow we will be getting on the ferry to Nova Scotia.



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4 Responses to Friends, Motorcycles, Things To See, Food To Eat Part I-Tuesday

  1. Kathy says:

    Really enjoying your blog…when we were in Bar Harbor we walked the 3.5 miles and it was wonderful. Still have pictures of us at the top. I would love to take this trip again but Rick wants to travel where we have never been. Oh well, maybe someday.

  2. Antoinette says:

    I have been enjoying your posts….sounds like a wonderful trip. I would rather be where you are than Singapore….crowded herebut clean. Very tired.
    Thanks for the great updates and be safe and enjoy the the food!

    • Glad you are enjoying reading about our trip. We have had a great time with our friends but I must tell you I’ll be glad to be home next week. Stay safe in Singapore. Thanks for stopping by the site and leaving some words. Mary

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