Friend, Motorcycles, Things To See, Food To Eat, Part II Nova Scotia (Friday)

Today started off crazy.  Some wanted to eat breakfast, some did not.  Some wanted to walk to breakfast, some did not.  Some wanted to sightsee on the way out of town, some did not.  Some wanted to stop and get something for a friend and on the way out of town but got horribly lost and finally said, “Let’s get out of town”. 

Today’s ride was to be a get from point A to point B day so we headed out of town on 102 to the next destination of our trip, Baddeck, Nova Scotia.  We had a two hundred and nineteen mile ride ahead of us.  The weather for the day was very pleasant so made riding very comfortable.  We spent most of the day on a major highway so there was not much to see, however, we saw our first cows and horses today.  Randy kept remarking that we had not seen any livestock or wildlife for that matter so far on our trip. So now Randy is happy.  

We stopped in Antingonish for lunch. We first pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant called Chuggles. I thought the name Chuggles was intriguing so went to see if I could find out what their menu looked like.  I looked at the sign on the door and it boasted a Chinese and Canadian cuisine. I kept looking at the sign and thinking what exactly is Canadian cuisine?  We decided to go inside to see how it looked and what they offered.  The interior of the restaurant was very dark and we discovered that they only offered buffets for lunch and dinner.  None of the group was hungry enough to want a buffet so we left.

Subway restaurant-Antigonish, Nova Scotia-Had to have those lobster sandwiches.

Across the street was a Subway restaurant.  Eating at Subway really appealed to Char and Randy because here in Canada they were advertising that, “The Lobster Was Back”.  So off we went to get lobster sandwiches.  It was a really nice Subway that had a picnic table in front.  We all went inside to place our orders and then out to the picnic table to eat our lunch.  Here was his one pinic table in the front of the restaurant surrounded by a small flower garden.  It just beckoned us to use it and was really nice and relaxing sitting outside in the fresh air. While we were eating our lunch Bob noticed some pretty pink flowers behind us and picked one and presented it to Char with a little bow.  Of course, we all said, “oohs and ahhs” and quickly captured the moment on film.

Bob being romantic with a pink flower for Char. Very nice spontaneous moment!!

One of the more interesting buildings we passed on the way was the Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts located in Cape Breton Island. It is a college dedicated to Gaelic preservation of the Gaelic language, art and crafts.  From what I could see it was a beautiful campus that made every effort to blend in with it surroundings.  The buildings were small with dark brown roofs and light brown walls.  They fit in very well in the forest setting.

I did not know that a college of this kind existed.  My family roots are Gaelic and Celtic.  I am exactly half and half.  My mother’s side is of Scottish heritage and my father’s side is of Irish heritage.  I never heard my grandmother speak Gaelic but then by the time I knew her she had been in the country since she was a little girl and spoke perfect English.  She made delicious shortbread cookies and eventually shared the recipe with my mom who then passed it on to my oldest daughter who has now passed it on to me.  I have not baked them yet but will and then write a blog about the results.

We arrived at the Silver Dart Lodge in Baddeck around four-thirty in the afternoon.  That is the earliest arrival time to date and it really felt good.  Randy and I had a little time to just sit out on the porch and take a breath before heading out for dinner.  The lodge setting was beautiful.  It sits high atop a hill and overlooks a beautiful, serene lake.  Our room overlooked this beautiful lake so we were able to watch sail boats sailing this way and that it making for a very relaxing view.

Relaxing at the Silver Dart Lodge

View from our room at Silver Dart Lodge

Lana had found the lodge and the restaurant we were going to for dinner in a motorcycle guide book and said that both were wonderful.  They were definitely right about the lodge so we were really looking forward to dinner at the Baddeck Lobster Suppers restaurant.

Baddeck Lobster Suppers Restaurant

We were told the restaurant was only a short walk from the lodge.  Not so.  We actually had to walk quite a distance but it was well worth it.  The restaurant was a little different as you placed your order as you walked in the door and then were seated.  There were only three choices on the menu: Lobster, Planked Salmon or Grilled Steak and you were given a ticket to hand to the waitress.  The meal included unlimited a cup of fresh seafood chowder, steamed Cape Breton mussels, homemade rolls and biscuits, salad, dessert and non-alcoholic beverages.

There was fortunately a second choice of ordering the same three basic choices however, you would only get one of each of the side orders.  That sounded much better to all of us. Of course, at least half of our party wanted lobster.  I ordered the steak.  Everything was wonderful and we were all full and ready to walk it off. 

Sitting on the back porch of the Baddeck Lobster Suppers Restaurant

Once back at the lodge we all were looking forward to was using the laundry.  You really cannot carry much clothing on a bike so laundry every so often is a necessity.  We were all able to get our laundry done and I still got to bed early and got a good’s night sleep.

Tomorrow we are off to ride the Cabot Trail.  We understand that is one of the most beautiful trails to ride with breathtaking scenery.  We shall see.



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9 Responses to Friend, Motorcycles, Things To See, Food To Eat, Part II Nova Scotia (Friday)

  1. Pat Donovan-Sidenstick says:

    The Lobster Suppers Restaurant makes me yearn for lobster. When we lived in Bangor, Maine for 8 months, it was our “entree” of choice. Even Brian & Katie (ages 3 and 5) were hooked.

    Glad that the weather is a little cooler for you – it is extremely hot here! Take care & keep enjoying,


    • Thanks for stopping by the site. Randy has loved eating all this lobster along the road but especially at the Baddeck Lobster Suppers restaurant. He even had lobster at a Subway along the highway. Too funny! So far, so good this portion of the trip with the weather. We are not looking foward to returning in a few days and back to that hot weather. We’ve really luck also with rain holding off for the most part. We had some yesterday but not relly bad but did have to our rain suits on. Mary

  2. Paula McMahon says:

    It’s fun reading about your trip–what a hoot! I’d love to be there with you and the others. (How are your backs holding out?) 🙂 Paula

    • Our backs are fine but periodically depending on the road our spines take a beating. Some of these back roads and really rough. We are on Prince Edward Island today and looking forward to traveling up to the coastline. Thanks for stopping by the site and leaving some words. Mary

  3. April says:

    Hi Mary! I work at the Silver Dart Lodge and your post came up today in my Google alert for ‘Cape Breton’. I love your post, and can’t wait to read more of them! I’m a foodie at heart who spends her working days crunching numbers in the back office. If you are still here I’d love to meet you, just ask at the desk for April. We started a blog recently at and I’m hoping to use it to promote all the wonderful adventures there are to see and do along the Cabot Trail.

    • Thanks you for stopping by the site I always love hearing from readers. My daughter and I are foodies at heart to. We live a distance apart and so this is a great way for she and I to share recipes, food preparation tips, and experiences with food. Unfortunately, we left that morning and headed to the Cabot Trail and then on to our next stop. We are under a little time constraint as some of our riders need to be back to their homes by Sunday, August 1st. However, we will be back sometime in the future. I loved the Silver Dart and the view we had from our room. Wonderful!! We are in Prince Edward Island today and will be riding up to the northern coastline. We started this blog some time ago and the travel part of the blog around July 16th. Be sure to check out our earlier postings. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving some words. I will check out your blog as well.

  4. webvideomann3 says:

    Great web site! I haven’t bumped on before in my surfing!
    Keep up the hard work! I think this video might be interesting for your readers:

    • Thanks!!! When I get a chance I will look at the video. We started our blog back in the fall of 2009 and have really enjoyed writing about food and with this present blog about our travels and discovering great places to eat along the way. Thanks for stopping by the site and leaving some words. Keep reading. Mary

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