Friends, Motorcycles, Things To See, Food To Eat Part IV Heading Home (Thursday)

Ninety-Nine (99) restaurant, Queensbury, NY

Today we traveled from the White Mountains of New Hampshire through the Green Mountains of Vermont and ended our day in Glen Falls, New York.  We had a very busy riding day indeed, but what a day.  We had drop dead wonderful weather and great riding roads.

We were headed to Lebanon, New Hampshire to visit the Granite State Harley-Davidson store for Bob and Char.  Bob needed some parts for his bike and Char wanted a tee shirt and jacket.  When we finally arrived Char was first off the bike and did a little happy dance she was so happy to be at the Harley store.  It was a funny sight to the rest of us.

Char doing her 'happy dance' at the Harley dealer. Way too funny!

Once Bob and Char got their treasures we were off to find some lunch.  I had asked one of the clerks in the Harley store where a good place to eat would be.  He mentioned a restaurant called Ninety-Nine 99.  He said that it was comparable to an Applebee’s.  But as we drove through the town Char spotted what she calls their restaurant of choice when on the road, Panera Bread.  Her reasoning the food is consistent no matter what town they stop in they can always count on the food being the same, good.

Again today we passed through many small quaint towns nestled in the mountain ranges.  It seems from the pictures we all took that we were drawn to the same sights.  There were so many beautiful homes and churches along the road it was hard not to take pictures of them all.  As we got into Vermont we saw miles and miles of cornfields.  Being a city girl I am always amazed at how much of our beautiful country is devoted to the growing of foodstuffs for its entire people. 

We went through towns like Woodstock, NH

Many beautiful houses along the road.

So many beautiful churches.

Antiques anyone?


We really did not have a destination today just kept rolling along until mid-afternoon and then pulled off the road at the Fair Haven, Vermont visitor’s rest area.  It was a very small visitors center but quaint and beautiful.  The whole building was made of slate including its roof and the gardens around the property were lovely and well kept.  We found out that the local area garden club did all the gardening for the center. 

This bench was outside the Fair Haven visitor's center. GREAT!

Char taking a moment among the flowers.

We sat there for quite a while talking amongst ourselves until we came up with a destination.  We all agreed we would push ahead and end our day in Glens Falls, New York.  This is a familiar area to Randy and I and Lana and Barry as we have over the years attended the Americade motorcycle rally in Lake George just a few miles north.  It is a lovely area and we knew there would be no problem getting a room for the night.

Deciding where we would put our sleepy heads for the night!

Right after we pulled in Lana received a phone call and it was not happy news.  Unfortunately, her uncle, who had been taken to hospice just a few days before had passed away.  Lana went into how do I get home mode and immediately calling to see if she could get a plane or train to Baltimore.  It wasn’t until eight o’clock that we were able to set off for dinner.  By happenstance the restaurant that the Harley clerk mentioned was just across the street from the hotel.  We are going to dinner at Ninety-Nine 99.

As soon as we sat down and the server came over to get our drink orders I think we all decided that it was definitely a night to have a drink.  They had Margaritas on special so Bob, Lana and Barry all ordered one.  They looked wonderful!  Randy and I had a beer.  A little libation at the end of the day is just what the doctor called for today.

What a great restaurant.  The menu had choices for many different tastes but was not overly inflated that you couldn’t make a decision quickly.  Our server pointed to the centerfold of the menu where there were nine choices for $9.99 and they were great choices.  Four of our group chose from this list.  I decided I wanted a filet mignon.  All the choices were wonderful and for the first time after dinner all members of the group said the same word, “Delicious”. 

What was really impressive was the meals were not skimpy because of the price they were actually very generous indeed.  For instance Randy ordered the Chicken Fried Chicken.  It came with two portions of fried chicken with white gravy; red skinned mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, broccoli and a biscuit.  He had trouble finishing the second portion of chicken.  Also, when the meals came to the table everyone was handing me their plates to take pictures because of the generous portions as well as the beautiful presentation of the food.  While we were eating the manager dropped by to see how we were doing and we, in unison, said, “We are doing great”. 

Randy's Country Fried Chicken

Char's Mediterrean Chicken

My filet mignon was every bit as good as a filet I have gotten in restaurants charging $25.00 to $30.00 and I only paid $17.99 for a beautiful filet, red skinned mashed potatoes and crisp green beans.  Not one person at the table could even entertain having dessert we were all much too full. 

The happy travelers at Niney Nine 99

Unfortunately these restaurants are presently only in the northeastern states of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticutt.  I can only hope they will expand down to Florida in the future.  If you are ever up this way stop in you won’t be disappointed.

Lana was not successful being able to find transportation to get her to Baltimore so the decision was made that Barry and Lana would leave the group the next morning and head home.  We were all sad that our little band of travelers would be separating.  Bob and Randy worked on a route that would get Barry and Lana back quickly so she could be with her family.  Family is extremely important to Lana and we all felt her pain as we said our goodnights.

Tomorrow Barry and Lana will be heading to Baltimore.  Bob, Char, Randy and I will be heading out well who knows we really don’t have a destination so we will know when we get there.  The adventure continues…



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