Friends, Motorcycles, Things To See, Food To Eat Part IV Heading Home (Saturday)

Kling House Restaurant, Intercourse, PA (Picture from website)

When last I wrote I said that our rest stop for the evening was dismal well breakfast didn’t make it any better.  Most of our other hotels/motels offered quite extensive menus for breakfast with waffles, cereals, yogurt, fresh fruit and so forth for our choosing.  Our latest stop offered only coffee and donuts.  Bob went into the main office to get his coffee and donut and took one bite out of it and could eat no more.

Bob's rejected donut!

 So, he decided to go back to Mary’s restaurant to see if breakfast would be better than dinner.  It was not.  He ordered pancakes and when they came to the table they were undercooked.  In retrospect we should have talked the night before and made a decision roll down the road and find somewhere to have breakfast.  Oh, those shoulda, woulda, couldas they get you every time.

Our goal today was to visit Amish country down around Bird In Hand and Intercourse, Pennsylvania.  Once there Randy took some side roads and we wondered around amongst the pristine Mennonite and Amish farmland.  Char was really struck by how clean not only the farms were but the animals as well.  It was very apparent that the residents love and cherish their homes, farms and animals.  Their work ethic definitely shines through at every turn of the roads that we road down. 



Randy and I had been to this area many times in the past and had visited the Kitchen Kettle Village, which has become a thriving tourist attraction over the years and so headed in that direction because Bob and Char had never been.  Even though it has turned into such a touristy area you can still get the flavor and taste of the area and the people who live there by seeing their crafts and tasting their wonderful foods.  I wanted to show Char the quilt museum that is part of the Country Store in the village.  Most of the quilts are handmade with a few machine quits as well.  They periodically change the quits that are on display so I was really interested to see what wonderful patterns I would see this time.

We got there around lunchtime so decided we would eat at one of the many restaurants in the village, we chose The Kling House Restaurant.  We were very happy with our choice.  There was inside and outside seating.  It was a beautiful, cool afternoon so chose to sit outside.  We were not seated long before our server was there to take our drink orders.  I had been ordering diet coke, decaf coffee or hot tea most of the trip was once she mentioned that they had birch beer on the menu I told her to say no more I would have that.  I love birch beer.

Really good birch beer!

Birch beer is a carbonated soft drink made from herbal extracts usually from birch bark and has a taste similar to root beer.  The type of birch beer I was used to is brown in color the one brought to the table was more reddish in color.  I learned that the color of the drink is determined by the species of birch tree the sap comes from.  This particular birch beer is bottled by Boylan Bottling Co, which has been operation since 1891 and got its start in Patterson, NJ.  It actually tasted a little different that the one I was used to drinking it had a bit of a tang to it.  I loved it.

It was time to decide what to eat.  All the choices sounded wonderful.  I noticed a (K) after some of the choices and deduced that these were specialties of the house.  I choose the roast turkey sandwich with “hand carved roasted turkey breast topped with applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato on a European wheat bread with cranberry mayo”.  Who could resist that?  Bob and Randy chose the pulled pork BBQ sandwich and Char got a grilled chicken salad. 

Doesn't this look really yummy?

All the choices were wonderful.  I loved the European wheat bread.  It was thick, freshly baked and had a wonderful nutty flavor.  The turkey was tender and moist and along with the cranberry mayonnaise the entire sandwich was an epicurean delight!  If you visit this area one thing you must do is enjoy one of their wonderful desserts.  I chose their, “World Famous Coconut Cream Pie”.  Everyone at the table said, “Wow” when the pie came to the table.  The presentation was just wonderful.  The pie measured at least three inches tall.  The piecrust was flaky, the custard creamy and the whipped cream topping was covered with toasted coconut. Also on the plate was a halved strawberry, a dollop of whipped cream and a swirl of crème and strawberry .  Just wonderful!!

House specialty Coconut Cream Pie. YUMMY!!!

We walked around he village a bit, tried some of the jams and jellies in the kitchen kettle shop and listened to some blues in the square and then headed back to our bikes.  The band consisted of a combination of banjo, bass, guitar and trombone.  The leader of the band has been playing in the Village for thirty-two years and said that he had, “worn out several chairs”. 

Next stop for Bob and Char was the Harley-Davidson store in Gettysburg. It would only be a short ride for them to reach Char’s mom’s home and so they would be stopping and we would be continuing on.  So we did our hugs, kisses and said our goodbyes as we left the Amish village.  When we reached the Harley store we again said our goodbyes and we headed off to find a room for the night.  Still full from lunch we decided not to have dinner.

Tomorrow we are stopping at our daughter’s house for a few days before taking off for the Blue Ridge Mountains to continue our trek home.



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10 Responses to Friends, Motorcycles, Things To See, Food To Eat Part IV Heading Home (Saturday)

  1. Pat Donovan-Sidenstick says:

    Have a safe trip home- it has been wonderful sharing your trip with us. We are heading off to south Georgia for our yearly family reunion. Our next trip later in the month will be the Ohio to visit Bill’s family. Then the vacation for us will be Hawaii in September.

    Take care and we’ll be in touch

    Patti D-S

    • I’m glad you have enjoyed our journey. It will finish when we get home in a few days. We are heading for the Blue Ridge mountains tomorrow. Sounds like you life will be filled with vacations too. Have a great tiime at your family’s reunion and visiting Bill’s family. I love Hawaii and I know you will too. Take care. Mary

      • Jody says:

        I say again Mary you should have been a writer. It was so enjoyable to read about where you were, see the pictures and the yummy looking food you all ate.

        Have a safe trip the rest of the way home.

        Hugs, Jody

      • Thanks!!!! We are in Virginia at the moment rolling down the Blue Ridge Parkway. We are taking our time and hope to be home by Thursday. I can’t wait to get home and see if and how much weight I have put on because of the project. Should be interesting. We shall see. The food really was yummy. Today was not a good food day but I will talk about that in a few days. Thanks for stopping by the site and leaving some words. I have enjoyed all the comments throughout the trip. Mary

  2. Joanne says:

    So glad to hear you enjoyed your time at Kitchen Kettle. Thanks for coming back and bringing your friends. We’ll look forward to seeing you again soon. (My web alerts brought me to your blog)

    • Randy and I both love the Kitchen Kettle Village. We have stopped there many times over the years and each time we do we find something else we like about it. We loved our lunch at the Kling House. Just wonderful! Thanks for stopping by the site and leaving some words. I actually started this particular blog back around July 14th as we started our trip to the Canadian Maritimes. We are on our back now. Mary


    • Thanks for stopping on our blog site. We absolutely loved our time in the provinces. The country is beautiful, the people wonderful and I loves every place we ate. We will come back again as I would like to spend more time in Halifax, Cape Breton and St. Andrews especially. I’m glad you are enjoying the site. Keep reading. Mary

  4. Gabby says:

    I love your blog. I’ve added it to my favorite bookmarks and subscribed in a reader.


    • How wonderful! I am glad you are enjoying our travels and discovering really neat places to eat. It has been a wonderful trip and I have enjoyed blogging every night about it. Welcome and keep reading. Mary

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