Get your grill on!

Okay, grill pan. To me, there’s nothing that says summer more than grilling, especially a good burger. Unfortunately, I don’t have a deck or a patio so I use a grill pan. So today, I decided to make one of my favorite burgers from Cooking Light, Feta-stuffed turkey burgers.  They are so simple to make, and love the gooey feta that oozes out of the burger when you take a bite. The feta is complemented by red onions and oregano within the burger mixture. As a spread, I turned to my favorite yogurt sauce courtesy of Martha Stewart. 

As a side dish, I made Bobby Flay’s Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Lime and Cilantro that I found via the Food Network. In the picture that goes with the recipe, they are perfect wedges. Mine, well, not so much. I did cut the sweet potatoes lengthwise as directed, but they certainly weren’t wedges. No worries. Talk about delicious! The lime zest/salt/cayenne pepper mixture that is put on after you remove them from the grill is phenomenal. I never would’ve guessed that these ingredients would make a good seasoning, but boy was I wrong.  I will definitely make this side dish again, but possibly as a side to Cooking Light’s The Guadalajara burger I made years ago. It’s very Mexican in flavor, so best with this burger…and who doesn’t like tequila-spiked salsa?

I have included a pic of my dinner, but as a disclaimer, I am the WORST photographer ever! I am so bad (shaky hands even though I have a camera with “anti-shake” reduction technology) that my family will not allow me to take photos at events. Those pictures that will eventually be keepsakes in our family digital photo albums are left to my mom and sister Jennifer.


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