This Is Some Spicy Coleslaw!

Tyler's Ultimate Coleslaw With Pecans And Spicy Dressing

I am finally back from my hiatus up north visiting my daughter, Kristine watching our favorite teams march to the NCAA finals.  We opted this year not to engage in any cooking whatsoever while I was there so we could just sit back, eat junk food and enjoy the games. 

I was so excited after the first round to find myself #2 in a pool of 50 in the office pool Kristine’s friend let me participate in.  Of course, that did not last long as there were so many upsets this year.  Yikes!  Kristine kept saying, “Who picked Murray State, my Mom”.  Well, I did.  Too funny!

Now as the tournament has progressed I have moved down as a result of some of these upsets but am still holding my own in 22nd place.  Not too bad if I do say so myself.  However, I have no chance of winning because I picked Kansas to win the tournament and Northern Iowa knocked them early.  Oh, well winning was never the goal anyway I just love kicking back with Kristine. 

Like last year we decided that one afternoon we would leave the house and go to a local sports bar to watch some of the tournament.  This year we were able to talk my youngest, Jennifer, into joining us on Friday as she only works a half-day.  We decided to meet half way and ended up at Hooters.  We feasted on wing, frickles (fried pickles), and tater tots with chili and cheese and beer.  Great fun!!

A bonus of the trip was heading over to Jennifer’s and spending time with the grandchildren, Madalyn and Derek. It was Madalyn’s, thirteenth birthday.  I cannot believe I have a grandchild that is a teenager.  How time flies when you are enjoying your family.

Now let’s get to talking about Tyler’s coleslaw recipe I chose to do this week. Boy was this coleslaw good.  I have only eaten Napa cabbage once before and really liked it.   The whole recipe intrigued me because of the combination of not only the Napa cabbage but also the inclusion of apples and pecans. 

Of course, I am always looking for ‘spicy’ anything so again the ingredients in the dressing I found very interesting.

I was really surprised that I was able to find Napa cabbage in my local grocery store especially as I live in the backwoods of Florida.  But there it was but my word it was huge.  I took one look at that cabbage and thought to myself what in heavens name am I going to do with all that cabbage.  What if I hated it, what if Randy hated it, what if my taste volunteers hated it?  Oh, well into the cart it went. 

Actually as I was standing there I did think of something else I could do with the cabbage.  I would make a grilled chicken salad with a combination of Napa cabbage, field greens, mandarin oranges, craisins and walnuts with balsamic vinaigrette.  Yes, that sounded very good indeed in my head but that was for another day.

The recipe was easy to prepare shred and chop put into a bowl.  The dressing too was easy gather ingredients put into a bowl, whisk and done.  Very simple!

The one ingredient that posed somewhat of a problem was the red onion.  First of all, I don’t like onions and Randy loves onions but can no longer tolerate them. However, I had to stay true to the recipe in order to judge it properly.  I decided and told Randy that once the meal was on our plates we would be able to ‘pick’ out the onions.  Sounds awful but it works.  This way the flavor of the onions had time to permeate the other ingredients but we did not have to eat them. 

I put all the ingredients together early in the day as I wanted the coleslaw to be nice and cold for dinner.  I had decided to pair the coleslaw with sirloin burgers.  I purchased wonderful Kaiser rolls for the burgers that I buttered and toasted in the oven.  I added bacon and shredded white cheddar cheese to the burgers.  I then put the burgers under the broiler for just enough time to melt the cheese.  YUM! 

We both really liked this recipe.  It was crisp and had lots of textures especially with the use of the Granny Smith apples and pecans.  Randy loves Granny Smith apples.  The dressing was creamy with just the right amount of punch due to the addition of cayenne pepper and cumin. 

My taste testers had a split reaction to this recipe.  Bob did not like it at all mainly because he prefers sweet coleslaw and found this to be too tangy.  Eva on the other hand loved it especially enjoyed the cumin being included as one of the ingredients.  She said that it made the dressing taste, “very ethnic” to her.  However, she felt that there was too much onion.  She was surprised when I told her that I had actually cut down on the amount of onion that was used.  We both agreed that red onion could be a bit strong.

 I would definitely recommend this recipe to anyone who wants a really nice change from the traditional coleslaw that we are all used to.

*Note this recipe first appeared on Facebook May 7, 2010.  I decided to post this now as it is a really good summertime food and goes well with barbecued ribs.  Also, I just returned from my Canadian Maritimes vacation and need a few days to collect new foodstuffs so I can get back into the kitchen. 

Nutritional Information based on 1/8 of recipe:  Calories 230.34; Calfories from fat 149.9; Total Fat 17.49g; Saturated Fat 1.96g; Cholesterol 5.73mg; Sodium 211.23mg; Potassium 259.3mg; Total Carbohydrates 19.39g; Fiber 3.99g; Sugar 8.52g; Protein 2.41g.



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