Smooth, Creamy Pots De Creme

Tyler Florence's Vanilla Pots De Creme

First of all, it was easy to make. The recipe needed simple ingredients and had easy steps to follow. This was my first time to use a “water bath” in a recipe. Very interesting. Just as I was to put the creme’s into the oven my neighbor, who had been away for the summer, came in the front door and saw that I was putting something in the oven in a water bath and said, “Oh, you must be making custard”. Not sure I would have made that leap had I been the one walking in the door.

In the end I was not sure what the consistency was to be. It turned out looser than a pudding or custard but had form. I did not have ramekins so used glass custard bowls they worked just fine. Before pouring in the creme I pre-measured eight ounces of water into one of the bowls to make sure they were the right size and where the line should be when I filled each bowl with the creme mixture. Two thoughts: (1) I could have cooked the milk mixture a little longer, (2) I could have added a few more minutes to the cooking time. Both of these measures would have made the mixture firmer. But then I do not know that I would have liked it as much. What I liked was the creamy smoothness.

I knew when I choose this recipe that I would have to purchase ingredients that I do not use anymore. Heavy cream and whole milk are foods that I do not use because of problems with acid reflux, etc., which is one of those consequences of getting older.

The recipe suggested serving with Amaretti cookies.  I went to several stores around the area but could not find Amaretti cookies.  I keep forgetting that I live in a very small town and cannot readily get ingredients or foods that would be available in a larger city or suburban area.

It was incredibly rich, smooth and delicious. I loved it. Randy thought it was too sweet and did not like the consistency.  Of course, that just meant more for me.

Would I make this recipe again? I believe I would if I had company and were fixing a formal dinner. But, just for the two of us, no.



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