Crêpes Sucrées – Lemon Ricotta Crêpes with Blueberries and Fresh Bananas


Tyler Florence's Ultimate Lemon Ricotta Crêpes with Blueberries and Fresh Bananas


I love crêpes.  I love sweet and savory crêpes.  I have for many years made a seafood crêpe that has been a favorite of my children especially Kristine.  Each year my girls would choose their birthday menu and every year Kristine would ask for seafood crêpes.  I make mean seafood crêpes!

I will be making these wonderful seafood crêpes next month for a brunch I am planning for the ladies in the neighborhood.  But now I want to talk about Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Lemon Ricotta Crêpes with Blueberries and Fresh Bananas.

The first thing I appreciated about this recipe was Tyler mentioning the difficulty in making crêpes if you are a novice cook. He is right, they can be difficult and it can be discouraging when you try and try and have to keep discarding one after another. They are after-all delicate and take a little patience. When I first attempted to make crêpes I did have some difficulty but kept trying until I perfected the process.

Tyler’s hint to making a perfect crêpe is to “roll the pan so that the bottom gets evenly and very thinly coated with the batter for ultra-thin pancakes”.

The ingredients for this recipe were easily found in my local grocery store. Other than the ricotta cheese I had all the other ingredients in my pantry and refrigerator.

The preparation was easy enough.  I especially liked being able to put all the crêpe ingredients into the blender and push a few buttons and have it done. The filling and blueberry sauce were also easily prepared.

Once you start making the crêpes keep going until they are all done so the pan keeps a constant temperature.  Just stack the crepes like pancakes until all are done and then start the assembly process.

Once I finished putting the crêpes together I gave one to my husband and another to my neighbors who I have designated as my official taste testers for any new recipe that I try.

My husband’s opinion was that the filling tasted bland but he enjoyed the blueberries. However, he thought the blueberry sauce could be sweeter.  I initially agreed with him but on reflection decided that I did not take the time to really explore all the flavors that were making their way around my palate.  So, of course, I had to have another.

My wonderful neighbors Bob and Eva enjoyed the crêpes and thought that they were, “really good crêpes, light and wonderful.”

“The crêpes are good enough to serve as a main dish,” Eva continued.  She thought the dessert was really sweet and opined that was probably the reason she fell asleep on the couch after eating them.

Now I will offer my opinion. I loved the wonderful lightness of the crêpes, the ever so gentle hint of lemon in the filling and, the warm blueberry topping and slices of fresh bananas.   All these wonderful flavors came together to make a great dessert.

But what I really liked best of all was the final stage of cooking, to just a little crispness, the crêpes and finishing them off in the oven.  What a wonderfully great tasting dessert with so many layers and flavors.  This dessert is definitely a keeper. 

Having company?  Try this dessert and you will surely wow your friends and family.  Not only are these crêpes a great tasting dessert but they are a great presentation dessert too.



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9 Responses to Crêpes Sucrées – Lemon Ricotta Crêpes with Blueberries and Fresh Bananas

  1. That filling looks amazing. Thanks for the link.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy! It really is a great dessert. Take a browse through the site. My daughter Kristine and I have some amazing dishes out there as well as a day-by-day tip up to the Canadian Maritimes last summer and some of the restaurants we found along the way. Thanks, Mary

  2. Genny says:

    Mary, I’m going to be presumptuous that I am among the ladies invited to your brunch next month. When do you plan on having the brunch?

    • I am looking at the end of May sometime between the 23rd and the 30th. Not sure yet. Yes you are definitely one of the ladies that will be invited to the brunch. You are too funny!!!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Yum! This looks great. I just did a post on Lemon & Lavender Crepes, as well.!


    • Stephanie–Thank you for your words. I will be posting another crepe recipe sometime next week. I will go out to your site and read about your crepe recipe. Actually, I will make them too. Once I have I will let everyone know they turned out. Thank you for sharing. Mary

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