Oh, lovely, rich eggnog poundcake…..

I love eggnog.  I buy one container every Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season and sometimes more when I just cannot get enough.  This was one of those years!

Yes, I know that it is in some ways bad for you because it is high in fat and cholesterol but I say so what.  As far as I am concerned anything in moderation is fine.

As a child I was always slight and very pale.  Our family doctor suggested that my mom prepare eggnogs which are rich in iron to help get my iron count up.  I do not remember the eggnog my mom prepared being as thick as the commercial brands but I remember liking my eggnogs very much.

Now everyone is thinking, “Why in heaven’s name is she writing about eggnog after the holidays?”  The answer is that I fell in love with a recipe that daughter Kristine shared during the holidays which I then made during Christmas and would like to not only continue to make but to share.

Kristine said that what she loved about this recipe is, “I had everything with the exception of the eggnog in the house…So, in the spirit of the holidays I decided to go online and find an easy recipe to use my eggnog as it was ready to expire.  Also, I needed something quick and festive to bring to The Bungalow as our Sunday sweet treat on football Sunday.  Everyone working that day LOVED it!  I definitely will make this every Christmas time!”

I listed and linked this recipe on my Christmas dinner blog but other than that did not express opinions about it because I decided to highlight the side dishes brought to the dinner by our wonderful dinner guests.

This cake was so incredibly easy to make!  Five ingredients all mixed in one bowl, beat for two minutes, place in a loaf pan and bake.  Now, how easy is that?  The end result was a cake that is so flavorful and moist that it needs nothing else to make it wonderful.  I considered putting icing or a drizzle on top and I am glad I did not.

All my guests loved it.  Bill loved it so much his wife Genny sent me an email saying, “Bill liked your eggnog pound cake and would like the recipe, please”.  Now if you knew Bill you would consider this high praise.  He makes all the desserts in their home.

I decided that I liked it so much I would make another after the holidays I had not even considered that even though I only buy it twice a year that it would not be available the rest of the year.  I set off to buy a container and found a few containers but they were called things like “Sugar Cookie Eggnog” and “Vanilla Spice”.  I remember years ago there was only one choice, eggnog period.  Now eggnog has gone organic and offers many different flavors.

I went to several Publix grocery stores in my area and there was no Publix eggnog available.  There were many other brands and flavors but I just wanted good old plain eggnog.  So off I went to get a manager and asked if they had any squirreled away in the back.  After what seemed considerable time and three people looking the manager came back and said, “No, I am sorry but I was told that eggnog is a seasonal item and they will not be getting anymore”.  I did not want to try the flavored ones so left empty handed.

On my way home I decided I would try one more store.  I stopped at Sweetbay and they too only had a few containers left and all were either organic or flavored.  But not to be deterred I decided to make one more stop before going home and at my favorite Publix in Belleview I found a container of Gustafson’s plain eggnog.  Happy I left, went home and made another cake that I shared with my next door neighbors, Bob and Sandy.  Now Sandy wants the recipe.  This eggnog was a little spicier than the Publix but very good and did not change the overall taste of the cake.

Knowing that the inventory would be depleted or even gone soon I decided to make just one more so off the store I went and I was right there were only a few left so decided to choose the Southern Comfort Vanilla-Spice (non-alcoholic).  Yummy!

To be honest all the eggnogs were just wonderful. All were flavorful with just enough spice and very creamy and they all enhanced the flavor of the cake wonderfully.  Although to be honest my personal favorites were Publix and Southern Comfort.

Like Kristine I will definitely be making this recipe again next holiday season.



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4 Responses to Oh, lovely, rich eggnog poundcake…..

  1. Carolyn Schaut says:

    Hi Mary,
    I just made an eggnog pound cake Thursday, yes, delish. And it doesn’t have to be made in a loaf pan. I had received a special shaped pan, I’ll try to include or attach a photo 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    I haven’t tried making that recipe yet .. but it looks delightful for .. But I would definitely try it sometime.

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