Cruising with friends-At Sea

Randy and I have cruised quite a bit over the last ten years and like our routines at home we have developed some for cruising as well.  The first thing I need to do is look out of the cabin window and just enjoy the beauty of the sea as it rolls by the ship.  At times the sea is calm with gentle swells, at times the sea is filled with small whitecaps and at times the sea is filled with large angry whitecaps.  Today the sea is gently rolling by as we make our way to the Caribbean Sea.

The second thing we do is have room service bring up coffee, juice and a plate of fresh fruit to start our day.  We found over time that starting our day in the cabin with just a continental breakfast keeps us from over indulging at the buffets.  And, we have always found that the fresh fruit on the ships is just wonderful.

Then we head up to a predetermined area near the buffet where everyone can gather before we all go our separate ways during the day.  Today we met several at the poolside Oasis Café for breakfast.  There we talked about our plans for the day.  Several were taking advantage of massage services, facial service and exercise classes on board.  Me, I just wanted to find a lounge chair open my brand new Kindle and read while the sun warmed my aging bones.

Those of us who were returning guests were invited to a “Latitudes Party” given by the captain to say ‘thank you’ for cruising with NCL.  These welcome/thank you parties are nice as you have an opportunity to meet the captain and other top level crew personnel up close and personal.  They offered everyone a drink and a few hors d’oeuvres, a talk by the captain, more introductions of the ship’s crew and give aways to entice everyone to participate in the many amenities on the ship.

When the captain introduced the food manager he mentioned that on embarkation day 380 pallets of food had been loaded on board for this seven day cruise.  He quipped, “You, the guests began your cruise as guests and at the end of the cruise we will unload you as cargo”.  Very funny!

Sitting poolside we spotted Lana and Barry as they prepared to spend some sun time on deck.  Bill and Jane walked by on their way to lunch.  We had a great conversation about past cruises and the many libations we have enjoyed.  Very funny!

As agreed at dinnertime we all traded places so we would have different dinner partners.  At first glance at the menu I thought we were being offered the same dinner as the night before until I realized that the right side of the menu was changed daily while the left side was filled with menu favorites.

I love Thai food so I chose Thai Chicken and Shrimp in Coconut Curry Sauce for dinner.  I was somewhat disappointed.  I expected a bowl of chicken pieces floating in a wonerful, spicy curry sauce with a small bowl of steamed rice.  What I received was a bed of rice topped with chicken pieces covered in curry sauce that had the consistency of gravy.  There was not enough sauce making the dinner dry.  And, I am also used to the curry sauce having a bit of a bite to it.  This sauce did not.  It was not bad but not overly good either.

Sometime between dinner and dessert Randy excused himself from the table and when he returned he had a rose in hand.  It was my birthday and Randy wanted to say, “Happy Birthday and I love you” with a rose.  I was really touched.  Our ever alert waiter Adji noticed what was happening and asked Vilma what my name was.  After dessert Adji and several other wait staff came to the table carrying a beautiful piece of cake and sang happy birthday.  The cake was this delicious flourless white cake with whipped cream filling and icing and a sliver of white chocolate with happy birthday written on it.  It was all wonderful!

Dinner done we were off to the evening’s entertainment.  Tonight’s show was called, “Shout! The Mod Musical” and it was wonderful.  The show was performed by the NCL cast performers.  The musical was fast paced, energetic, colorful and  filled with all our favorites from the 60’s-70’s ending with a rousing rendition of The Isley Bros. hit “Shout”.   I have to tell you that my favorite was cast member Erika Holmes (second from the left)  who sang a rousing rendition of Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man” that was just spot on, she just nailed it!

Everyone said good night and then went their separate ways.  Tuesday was going to be an early and busy day so off to the cabin we went right after the show.  We were delighted when we opened the cabin door and saw nestled on our bed our first towel animal.  Yea!

Tomorrow—Cruising with friends-Roatan, Honduras



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  1. Cindy Bergmann says:

    Love the pictures and I’m looking forward to the cruise day 3.


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