Cruising with friends-Roatan, Honduras

Today was our first port of call and we were all off for the day for different excursions and it promised to be a very nice day.  The weather was projected to be in the low 80’s with scattered showers.  Showers or no showers I was ready to get off the ship for a day at the beach.

But first we headed up to the Oasis Café for breakfast.  The times for the tours varied so not everyone came up for breakfast today.  We were pulling into port so I ran up a level to get a picture of the port Coxen Hole.  Coxen Hole is a nice little port with small shops and restaurants and independent vendors plying their goods.

I love watching the ships pulling into a port.  I looked down at the port and the crystal clear water.  You look down and feel as though you could put your hand in the water and touch the rocks below.  But Randy said that the rocks had to be at least ten feet deep if not more.  I just think the water is beautiful and held promise for how beautiful the waters would be at our beach destination.

We exited the ship and saw group of entertainers dressed in brightly colored native costume playing drums and chanting welcoming the tourists to their island.  Randy, I, Barry and Lana all boarded a bus that would take us to Tabyana Bay for a day at the beach.  After a short ride we arrived at the beach and settled in.

The facilities were very nice, clean and inviting with a great deal of lounge chairs for our use.  There were many locals selling all manner of trinkets and I thought it was interesting that the vendors were only allowed to be down by the water line or in the water.  We actually saw one vendor on a bicycle pedaling through the water.  There was security walking the beach making sure they did walk up near the chairs and keeping an eye on our personal things while we enjoyed the water.

As we settled on the beach the skies became overcast and we discovered that the water was a little chilly.  Randy and Lana did a bit of snorkeling while Barry and I read books.  Lunch was announced and we headed up to the building housing the buffet line.  The luncheon of BBQ chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, a vegetable slaw, wonderfully sweet chunks of pineapple, watermelon and papaya was prepared by local residents.  Randy loved the BBQ chicken.  He said as he licked his fingers clean, “They really know how to make chicken, it’s delicious”.  The hamburgers were great too.  They were charcoal grilled with jerk seasoning.  Very good!  Of course we had to sample the local beer too so we bought a bucket of Barena.  Very good.

We were entertained during lunch by a live band playing great island music.  It started to rain so we moved to another out building that was filled with beautiful mahogany tables and chairs and just chatted away until the rain stopped.  When we returned to the beach John and Mary joined us.  They had taken another a tour around the island stopping at a wild life refuge and then to the beach.

It started to rain even harder so we decided to head back to the ship.  The roads are terrible.  They are full of potholes and cars, buses and trucks are constantly honking their horns at each other as they try to negotiate passage.  Everyone on the bus gasped as we almost hit a dog.

Once back at the port we spent a few moments shopping at the various tourist shops looking for a magnet for Kristine and some carved figurines for daughter Kara.

Once onboard we ran into Jim and Vilma who had spent the morning zip lining and they loved it!  After three levels Vilma thought to herself, “That’s it, I’m done.  It is now off my bucket list.  Then once she completed the fourth level and got the hang of it (no pun intended) finished all ten levels.    Vilma said, “I did a Superman on two lines much better than I thought I would”.  You go girl!!!!!!  At one point it started to rain making it harder to control the ropes the organizers applied the brakes manually making Jim have a very abrupt stop sending him head over heels.  I would have loved to have seen that.

Bill, Vicki, Frank and Paula went on an island sightseeing and beach tour.  Bill and Jane spent time snorkeling at the Roatan reef.

We only had eight for dinner this evening in the Aqua dining room. Barry, Lana, John and Mary decided to try Cagney’s Steakhouse.  This evening I ordered the Louisiana Blackened Red Snapper for dinner and it was flaky, moist and just plain delicious.  Dessert was Kahlúa Tiramisu Cake and out of this world wonderful!

Bill and Vicki went to Le Bistro for a romantic dinner for two.  Bill said he decided to purchase what he called the romance package.  It sounded wonderful.  It offered chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling wine in the room upon arrival, dinner for two at Le Bistro, his and hers massages, breakfast in bed one morning and canapés delivered to the room one evening.  Now doesn’t that sound wonderful?

We ran into Bill and Vicki taking a leisurely walk around the promenade deck.  Bill looked very handsome in his suit and Vicki in a beautiful black and white dress and black mini heels.   We chatted a bit then went headed back to our cabin for a good night’s sleep.

Back in our cabin I asked Randy, “What did you think of our first tour?”

Randy replied, “I really enjoyed the bumpy trip we had to the beach.  The water was cooler than I thought it would be, but I found out that the reason it is cold is due to the deep waters not far off the coast.  Our time at the beach, under swaying palm trees, was most enjoyable due in part to the overcast day and off and on sun showers”.

Our buffet lunch at the beach was very tasty with fresh fruit, hamburgers, chicken (with special sauce) and the local beer.  I enjoyed snorkeling just off the beach and saw quite a few small colorful fish near the rock formations.  All-in-all the day was very nice and it was what it was advertised to be and more,” he continued.

Tomorrow-Cruising with friends-Belize City, Honduras.




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5 Responses to Cruising with friends-Roatan, Honduras

  1. Daniel Schaut says:

    Wonderful blog, thx Mary. Always good to learn travel tips, we’ll be going to Roatan in March to dive, we’ll be in the lookout for Berena. 🙂

  2. Jim Morgan says:

    Hey Vilma! Whodat you got your legs wrapped around???

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  4. myroatan says:

    Thank you for Cruising my beautiful Island with your friends.
    roatan builders

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