Cruising with friends-Costa Maya, Mexico

Today our port of call is Costa Maya.  Randy and I were here a couple of years ago and loved it.  The cruise line built this beautiful port area filled with shops, a magnificent pool in the middle, fun restaurants and access to the beach so we were very excited.

Only one couple had a tour scheduled for today so the breakfast crew went up to the Oasis Café a little later than usual.  As per our usual we ordered our coffee, juice and fresh fruit plate in the cabin.  Bill and Vicki were off tothe Kohunilich Mayan Ruins.

Norwegian does not have a mandatory formal night instead they what they call a “Dress or Not Night” and is usually when you are at sea.  Well we did not dress up.  So we all at breakfast decided that since it was going to be an easy day we would all dress up for dinner and get have a group picture taken after dinner.

Then it was off the port.  What a glorious day it was.  The temperature was in the low 80’s and calm.  Just perfect.  Since we were here before the structures within the port area had grown and since there were two ships tied up it was very busy.  The center of the port has a central plaza with saltwater pools and ‘swim-up’ styles bars.  And, there was a ‘swim with the dolphins’ area down by the beach that was not there before.

Lana and Barry got there first and found chairs and an umbrella down on the beach.  We got down there around 10:30am and already the port was teeming.  There were native dancers in the square; Sénor Frogs was already in high gear with people dancing, singing and conga lines going around the back end of the pool.  The last time Randy and I were here I spent quite a bit of time line dancing in the pool with a yard of pin̈a colada.

Most of us just wanted to lie around, read and enjoy the pool so Randy and I scouted chairs that were at least partly shaded.  Within a short time everyone else arrived and we all settled in.  Frank and Paula decided they would just walk around the port and do some shopping.  Vilma and I went looking for Lana and Barry and found Lana in the sea enjoying the water.  To get to the water she had to cross a very rocky area and so it was imperative that you have water shoes.  Vilma wanted to go in but did not any water shoes and so decided not to.

It wasn’t too long before Barry and Lana joined the rest of us at the pool.  The pool was just a little chilly until you got in and then it was amazing.  We were all surprised when Barry got into the pool.  He usually does not get into the water.  We all had a great time listening to the music coming from the restaurant and all decided that we would eat lunch there before we went back to the ship.

Sénor Frogs was so crowded when we first got there that I thought it would be wise to go see if they could seat ten people.  However, when we finally did go the passengers from the Carnival Dream had already started to leave and so there was no problem.  Randy and I love going to Senor Frogs whenever we can because it is always just plain fun.  The DJs are always good, the music is great and we like participating in the periodic conga/shots line.

I must say though I was just a little disappointed with the food.  When we stop in at the Senor Frogs on Nassau the nachos are wonderful.  Not so here.  I don’t know if they miscalculated whey they would need for two cruise ships especially the size of the Carnival Dream but I was not pleased.

But the beers and margaritas were cold and we had fun reading all the silly signs on the walls and ceiling.  The wait staff delighted taking a picture, not for us, but with us.  Every time they saw a camera come out they were right there in the picture.  I thought this was very funny.

We got back to the ship in plenty of time to get ready for dinner.  Tonight we arranged to eat in the Versailles dining room.  We made the reservation several days before and were surprised when they sat us at two tables of seven which meant one couple had to separate.  Randy sat at one table and me at the other.  By this night we all were carrying cameras everywhere and by the time we were all finished taking pictures of everyone we dubbed ourselves “the flash mob”.

The observation of the group was that they were really tables for six that they just added an extra setting.  The room itself is beautiful with lots of windows, large windows looking out at water at the end of ship, wood railings and chandeliers.  But it was so noisy and crowded.  Even the wait staff had trouble serving.

Tonight I had the Rosemary Roasted Chicken with mashed potatoes and carrots.  It was wonderful.  The chicken had a wonderful flavor and very moist.  For dessert I ordered the no sugar added lemon cake with blueberry coulis and it was yummy.

What I liked most about everyone eating together is listening to the group all talking at once wanting to share their day’s experiences.  I loved it.

Once dinner was over we gathered at the Atrium to have our pictures taken.  By the time the photographer got in place he took seven pictures in an instant.  All of a sudden it was over.  But the pictures were great.  Paula was the first one to get to the pictures and chose what she thought was the best showing all of us looking so great.  The rest of us agreed and all purchased a copy.  However, there was one that I just loved was one that the photographer captured with all of us laughing that I just had to have.

Then we all decided to go over to the Spinnaker Lounge for a Broadway review featuring some of the performance cast. While we were waiting for the show to begin Bill and Vicki got up and danced.  They are fun to watch as both are ballroom dancers.  Once again my favorite was Erika Holmes.  She sang two songs just beautifully.  The two songs that she sang were ‘On my own’ from “Les Misérables” and ‘Memory’ from “Cats”.

On our way back to the cabin we spied Frank and Paul tripping the light fantastic in the Atrium.

Tomorrow-Cozumel, Mexico



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5 Responses to Cruising with friends-Costa Maya, Mexico

  1. Jane Setman says:

    What a wonderful day that was. The camaraderie with all of you is great!

  2. Carolyn Schaut says:

    Mary, love the laughing photo 🙂 cs

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