Cruising with friends-Epilogue

Our last breakfast before heading home. It was a really great trip!

Our last night on the ship I brought along a recorder and asked everyone to say a few words about what there favorite thing was about the trip and their favorite tour.  After listening to the answers I was reminded about how funny some of our group can be.  One consistent comment was the group’s appreciation for Randy and I organizing the trip and for that we are very humbly appreciative.  Here are their comments:

Jim—My name is James E. Jones I work for the US department of transportation and I had a lovely, lovely trip.  I think the people who organized this I think they overcharged.  Randy said I owed another 500.00. The thing I liked the most was the zip line.  I broke my left leg and bruised my right knee but oh, well. (Not!)

Vilma–Hi, my name if Vilma.  My favorite part of the trip was being with the group.  I came solely for all of you.  And it was wonderful touching base, having breakfast and dinner every day.  My best tour was the zip line first and second it was the snorkeling.  It was absolutely fantastic.  I saw ten different fishes and a stingray and only got a little burn on my back.

Mexican National Park, Cozumel

Lana—The best part was being with all our friends.  We had a wonderful time being able to see each other so many days in a row.  I liked that.  The other thing that I liked was the Salsa and Salsa lessons.  The making of the Salsa and the dancing Salsa.  I spent a lot of time with Randy and Mary and I love to be with them that was the best too.

Barry-I also liked the Salsa cooking lesson or chopping lesson if you will and dancing for a little bit.  But I agree with everyone else that getting together with the group and best friends was great.   I would like to see this become annual event.

John—My favorite thing is getting off this boat.  I am tired of the motley crew we’ve been hanging out with.   And hopefully we will find better ways to spend our time.  I like the dolphins and hanging out with my Mary.  Randy and Mary thanks for all your work and effort you did a good job paddling the boat. (Too funny!)

Mary–My best part of the trip was getting together with the whole group and getting to know some of the folks better because I did know them from the beginning of time.  It was nice to spend time with them.  And just a nice get away from our regular routine. 


Bill-My favorite thing was basically the whole trip.  Sharing information with the others in the group going out on excursions.  We did several things. I can’t say that any one was better than the other. I just thoroughly enjoyed the whole week.  And sharing the time with all of the six other couples.

Vicki-What I enjoyed the most was getting to know everybody on the trip since I didn’t have that opportunity before.  I liked the ruins.  One of my favorite things was the ruins where we saw the masks.

Mangrove Island near Belize

Bill S-My name is Lucifer G. Butts III. The best part of the trip for me was meeting some of the new members of this group.  And having a great time talking with everbody. And the party we had at the pool with all that drinking and stuff.  My favorite tour was swimming with the dolphins.  A trip of a lifetime.  (Too funny!)

Jane-Hi, I’m Mrs. Lucifer G. Butts III otherwise known as Jane.  I just enjoyed the camaraderie and being with all you guys and getting to know Bill and Vicki and Frank and just getting to be together.  My favorite tour was the dolphin swim.  If anyone is interested it was the Royal dolphin swim.  It was absolutely fantastic!

Parrot Island near Belize

Frank-It was really so much fun to be with everyone on this trip. And I had a wonderful time with my wonderful wife Paula who I am so blessed to have in my life.  I loved the people on the ship the young people from all over the world.  I really liked that.  My favorite tour was swimming with the dolphins.  My favorite outing was swimming with the dolphins like Bill over here.

Paula-It was great to reconnect with old friends and it was wonderful meeting the new members. My favorite trip was  swimming with the dolphines.  I loved swimming with the dolphins. That was a thrill. I hope to do it again.  It was a thrill of a lifetime.

Mayan Ruins Belize

Randy—My favorite thing about the trip was seeing everyong, getting to talk to everyone and having meals together.  My favorite tour was the Salsa and Salsa and the Mayan ruins.  I thought the ruins were historically interesting I have never seen anything like that other than on Cozumel a few years ago but they were very small  in comparison.  My favorite things about the Salsa and Salsa was making the guacamole an drinking the margaritas.

Mary—My favorite thing about the trip was being with our friends.  Since moving to Florida the people I miss the most is my family and my three lady friends from Willow Springs and our family of friends we made while in New Beginnings.  I miss them every day and so I was happy to spend so fun times reconnecting.  I loved it!  My favorite tour was Salsa and Salsa.  I am a foodie and given the opportunity to learn new recipes and new cooking techniques was just plain fun for me.  A bonus was watching Randy have so much fun learning to make a recipe. Randy had so much fun.  When I signed up for this tour I did not think he would enjoy it too much so I said it was okay if he decided to go to the beach or pool and just hung out while I was cooking.  But to my surprise, and  pleasure he really got into it and had a great time. 

Thanks everyone for the wonderful memories.  Thanks to those who shared pictures quickly so I could make  this journal of our voyage come to life for the readers.  And, thanks to all my wonderful readers who sent along so many wonderful messages.  Until next time know that I love you all!!



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6 Responses to Cruising with friends-Epilogue

  1. Patty Hagan says:

    Mary, thanks for a wonderful travelogue of your trip. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time getting to renew friendships and get better acquainted with the newbies in the group. Because of you, I enjoyed the trip even though I wasn’t there : – ) ! Hope to see you and Randy and everyone else soon.


  2. Pat Donovan-Sidenstick says:

    I have enjoyed reading your daily log and am glad that the trip was a wonderful experience for all.
    Hope to see you when you head north!.

  3. Lana says:

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the summary of our vacation. It is nice to relive it all again through your words.
    However, I would personally like to Thank you and Randy for being the host and hostess for the dining room. Everything worked out well. If I could only get myself hypnotized and stop eating.


    • Hi, Lana–Thanks for the kind words. I actually lost 4 lbs. on this trip. Now if I could just keep it off and lose a little more that would be wonderful! Glad you and Barry were able to come along. We definitely enjoyed being with everyone again and look forward to putting something together for next year. Mary

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