Not your ordinary Mac and cheese

This Tyler Florence Ultimate Macaroni And Cheese With Peas And Bacon is a keeper!!!!!

I had invited several neighbors in for dinner several years ago and decided that the main dish would be a Honey baked ham.  Once I knew what each guest would be brining I started searching for my own side dish that would complement the ham.  I normally make my wonderful scalloped potatoes as a side dish to ham but I wanted to try something new.  It just so happened that I read in Tyler’s Ultimate a wonderful recipe for macaroni and cheese that made my mouth water.

Other than the fresh thyme, white cheddar cheese and frozen peas I had all the ingredients I needed and they were all available at my local grocery store.  The recipe had a few steps but relatively easy ones.  Start to finish this recipe only took about forty-five minutes, twenty-five of those baking the macaroni.  Not bad.

You think, okay macaroni and cheese what could possibly make it better.  OMG, the pea mixture was just wonderful and added a whole new dimension to the dish.  The onion, garlic, bacon and fresh thyme stirred into the peas were so aromatic, I loved it and so did our guests.  Tyler was right the pea mixture had a wonderfully smoky flavor.

As the dinner progressed our company started to make comments about the macaroni.  They included: “My compliments to you and Tyler—very good!” “I loved the macaroni”, “Very good”, “I liked it so much I ate three helpings”, “I want the recipe”, “Top notch”.

The dinner was just wonderful.  We all ate much too much but enjoyed every bite and many went back for seconds and thirds.

Would I make this recipe again, you better believe it whether for our own dinner table or someone else’s.  Good eats!!!!!

(Portions of this blog were originally posted on my Facebook page in 2009.  I have since made this recipe many, times and taken it to picnics and potluck suppers.)



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2 Responses to Not your ordinary Mac and cheese

  1. Paula says:

    I love your recipe blog. This mac and cheese sounds delicious and I plan to try it!

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