Cruising to the Bahamas—Change of plans

Morning view from the Windjammer Cafe

It is very early in the morning and just a glimmer of light is shining through our porthole.  I rose up and looked out the porthole and saw the wonderful little island of CocoCay, Bahamas. But as I looked out the porthole I began to think: I hope those dark clouds go away and the seas settle down a little.  I watched for a few moments and noticed a small tender swaying back and forth at a very deep pitch heading back to the island and all I could think was: Boy am I glad I am not on that!  I do not get sea sick but then there is always a first time.

Just then the captain announced over the public address system that because of bad weather and heavy swells it would be too dangerous to tender everyone over to the island and that many of the activities would not be able to take place because of heavy winds.  He said that instead this would be our day at sea (originally this would be Thursday) and he would turn the ship towards Nassau.  In an attempt to quell disappointment he went on to tell us that the weather looked marvelous for Thursday so we would return to CocoCay then and promised that we would all be very happy.

This was not our first cruise so Randy and I took the announcement in stride.  There were many, many activities on board to choose from so after a small breakfast Randy and I set about seeing what was happening around the ship.

I wondered if the galley (kitchen) tour I had signed up for had been rescheduled for today or cancelled and so headed up to the guest relations desk.  Much to my dismay the tour had indeed been cancelled.  Oh, well perhaps on the next cruise.

The shops were all open and very busy and so joined everyone else and wandered in and out of each shop looking for little trinkets to buy for the grandchildren.

There was a commotion at the Centrum so we decided to check it out.  We looked down over the balcony and saw long tables that had been set up and various chefs were demonstrating their particular skills.  One was putting a Black Forest cake together along with a passenger who had been selected from the audience.  Another chef was demonstrating the art of bread braiding.  A third chef was designing centerpieces from carved pieces of fruit.  The owl was great.  And the person that everyone wanted to get to know quickly was the bartender creating several different martinis at the far end of the tables.

We decided that we would head up to the pool deck before all the chairs were taken and settle down for a day of relaxation and reading.  Before long the cruise director announced there would be two contest taking place at poolside.  One was the fun belly flop competition and the other was the sexiest man competition.  Both were great fun but I really enjoyed the sexiest man contest.  The men were all sizes, short, tall, thin and portly and once the music was turned on not afraid to ‘get into it’ have fun with it and try to influence the judges. My pick did not win but the guy who did trust me really had a good time and deserved his medal!

After watching these funny performances I believed it was time to order our drink of the day.  Today it was a Captain’s Bahama Mama.  The ingredients were Captain Morgan rum, orange juice, pineapple juice and grenadine.  This drink was good but I like the first one a little better.

We spent the entire day at the pool and loved it.  The sun drifted in and out of the clouds giving everyone just enough sun to be comfortable and just enough clouds to keep everyone cool.

Time passed and it was time to get ready for dinner.  We met Miles and Cathy at the table and had a wonderful dinner spending our time sharing stories of how we had spent our day.

I had a hard time this evening with the Vitality menu because the main dish was a Grilled Seafood Brochette that included monkfish, scallops and shrimp kebab.  I really am not a big fan of seafood so I looked on the main menu and chose the Filet of Beef instead and it was cooked just the way I love it.  But not to go too far afield from my commitment to stay healthy I chose a cup of papaya and pineapple soup and the sugar free coconut cake to finish my meal.  All of it was just yummy.

Randy had mentioned when he signed us up for the cruise that we were celebrating our anniversary.  So much to our surprise our waiter, the head waiter and several others flocked to our table with a lovely piece of cheesecake with candle burning and sang, “Happy Anniversary” to us.  We both thought that was very nice.

We actually got engaged on formal night on the Monarch’s sister ship The Majesty of the Seas December 1996 while cruising in the Western Caribbean.  We have been married for thirteen years this April.  The picture above was taken before dinner.  After dinner Randy said he wanted to take a stroll on the Promenade deck.  Now what you have to know is that we were in the middle of a very bad storm, with rain, strong winds and heavy seas.  But I said, “Okay” and off we went.  When we got to the back of the ship he wanted to stop a moment and look out at the water.  As I was looking he placed a camera on timer on a pipe then turned quickly and proposed.  Just as I said yes the flash went off.  When we finally saw the picture we noticed that our heads were almost cut off.  Very funny!

We learned that Miles and Cathy were celebrating their 40th anniversary.  Wonderful!!!

After dinner we went to see the production show called, “Can’t stop the beat”.  The production cast of singers and dancers were just wonderful and for the life of me I cannot phantom where they get their stamina from.  The show was high intensity and featured many songs from the 60’s to the 90’s.  One gal in particular sang Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” so well she received a standing ovation from the audience.

We headed back to the cabin for a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow we will be docking at Nassau, The Bahamas.



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12 Responses to Cruising to the Bahamas—Change of plans

  1. damon gates says:

    Mary & Randy
    Great Reading! Cindy and I booked a two week cruise to Alaska, departing July 8th – several of our friends have been on this one and loved it. Five day or so on the ship and five or so on land. Your narrative AND great Pics inspired us. Keep them coming AND Have Great fun!

    cindy and damon

    • Hi, Damon–We did an Alaskan Cruise some years ago on Holland America. We loved it. Would like to do it again. Have a wonderful time. Let us know how it went. Mary

  2. Geri Blumenthal says:

    Dear Mary,

    I just love following your adventure. It is hard for me to believe you have been married that long as it seems like yesterday we were at the church watching you both take your vows. The wonderful news is that you are both still together, happy and healthy. Enjoy the rest of your cruise and your life adventure. Always wishing you both the best. Hugs, Geri

  3. Mary says:

    What a lovely couple! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Steve says:

    Happy anniversary! Glad you’re having fun — sounds like a great cruise!

    • Hi, Steve–Yes indeed. We both love cruising and enjoy each trip even if we have been on the same ship our route. I read your message about cameras and will looking for a new camera this weekend. I am trying to come to a decision about how much time and effort I want to put into the blog. Right now I try to write for the blog at least once a week. I also write a weekly column for our local newspaper. I don’t think I want to do both. I want to put 100% in one or the other. I am leaning towards the blog. I enjoy cooking and traveling and talking about both. We’ll see. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for leaving some words and the well wishes. Aunt Mary

      • Steve says:

        It can be hard to spread yourself too thin. If you like the blog more, I’d say go for it! I think I’m going to look for a new camera too sometime in the next few months — I want one with better resolution and a better aspect ratio. (i.e. what you see from the viewfinder is EXACTLY what you get in the image, without cropping or extending at the margins.)

      • Steve–I will let you know what I decided buy. Aunt Mary

  5. dee mann says:


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