Cruising the Bahamas—A day in Nassau, The Bahamas

Today there was a wonderful stream of sunlight that filled our cabin.  I looked out the porthole and was greeted with the sight of the soft colors that are the buildings in Nassau.  My eyes were filled with buildings painted pastel pinks, greens, yellows and blues and others the colors of tangerine, teal, brown and cream.

Today promised to be a busy day.  We were invited to attend a special buffet breakfast for cruisers who had sailed with Royal Caribbean on many occasions reaching Platinum, Emerald, Diamond and Pinnacle levels.  The buffet choices were wide ranging from the everyday to specialty foods.   I noticed that on one of the tables was the braided bread centerpiece made the day before at the food demonstrations.  There was also a wonderful ice sculpture of the Crown and Anchor.  I enjoyed sipping a Mimosa while getting to know our breakfast companions and sharing stories of other cruises we have taken on Royal Caribbean.

We have cruised to Nassau several times over the years so decided to just take a short walk around the town to look for souvenirs and then return to the ship.  The main streets are for the most part in bad condition but if you are patient and walk along a while you sometimes discover a little alley that is both picturesque and quaint.

It was early morning and we knew that our favorite spot would not be open but we had to stop by anyway.  So after popping in and out of several shops, buying some tee shirts and key chains for the grandchildren we stopped by Señor Frogs.  We had fun taking pictures on the oversized swing and chair and standing under Senor Frog himself.  We ran into several couples and asked if they would like us to take pictures of them.  So many time you get home and there is a picture of Randy, a picture of me and very few of us as a couple.  One gentleman said, “The last time someone offered to do that they ran away with the camera”.  We assured him we would not run away and we all laughed.

We love Señor Frogs because it is a lively and fun restaurant/bar.  The food is great, the music is upbeat, the dj is engaging and encourages everyone to dance and participate in many fun games and activities.  But this trip we decided to just kick back so no Señor Frogs this time maybe next time.

We headed back to the ship for a smal lunch, changed into our bathing suits, picked up our books and headed for poolside and some relaxation in the sun.  The pool deck was virtually empty with everyone enjoying the various tours in and around Nassau.

Of course we had to have our drink of the day.  Today’s drink was called ‘Mango Montego’.  The ingredients for this drink were Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, Triple Sec, sweet and sour and Island Oasis Mango.  I normally do not like tequila but we made a commitment so I tried.  The drink was very sour and found myself making faces with each sip.  I still do not like tequila.

The afternoon was sunny but as the day wore on the sky filled with the most wonderful, white fluffy cumulus clouds.  Watching the clouds drift across the sky brought me back to my chidhood when I would go up on the roof of my tenement building in Brooklyn trying to see how many animals I could seein the clouds.  Do you remember doing that?   Well, I found myself looking towards the sky doing just that.  I saw cloud formations of a  poodle, a whale, a dog, an elephant.  Isn’t that wonderful?  What a great way to while away the hours.

After a few hours Randy and I headed to the cabin for a short nap before getting ready for dinner.  During dinner Miles and Cathy told us all about their day taking a cab and visiting the beautiful Atlantis resort.  Randy and I walked around the resort several years ago.  The grounds were beautiful and the aquarium stunning. According to Cathy unless you are signed up for a tour or a guest at the resort you can no longer just ‘walk around’ the hotel or grounds.  I find that to be very sad.

I selected my dinner from the Vitality menu this evening.  I had a spinach salad, pan-seared catch of the day which was sea bass and sugar-free chocolate pot de crème for dessert.  The spinach salad with plum tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, toasted sunflower seeds and honey mustard dressing was delicious.

I had a little trouble with the sea bass.  It was flaky around the edges but became more raw as I neared the center.  I am not really fond of raw fish but what I ate was really good.

The dessert was more a pudding than a pot de crème but very good.  I missed the smooth, creamy texture of a traditional pot de crème.

As a returning guest we were invited to a captain’s reception after dinner.  Captain Holm and many members of his crew were on hand to greet everyone.  There were a number of hors d’ oeuvres, wine, beer, and rum punch for everyone.  Captain Holm gave a small talk about the future of the Monarch as well as other ships in the fleet.  We were very sad to learn that the Monarch would be retired as of March 28, 2013.

We have cruised on the Monarch three times and find her to be a wonderful ship and hope to sail at least one more time on her before she is sent to Europe.  What I will miss the most if the feeling of family you get while  on board.  The crew is incredibly nice, friendly and will do anything to make your vacation memorable.

Tomorrow back to CocoCay and the beach!!



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3 Responses to Cruising the Bahamas—A day in Nassau, The Bahamas

  1. Eileen says:

    Looks like it was a lovely trip. The pictures add to the story. Didn’t know you were a Brooklyn girl, taught in Coney Island. Looked a lot different from what you are showing

    • Hi, Eileen–It really has been a wonderful trip. As I mentioned next to motorcycling cruising is one of my favorite ways to travel. My mom used to take me and my friend Joyce to Coney Island when I was a little girl. It’s funny I don’t remember much about it only remember because I have seen a picture of me playing in the surf. You are right the clouds were a little different in Brooklyn but you could still see animals shapes if you looked hard enough. Thanks for reading along and leaving some words. Mary

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