Making plans to prepare a Royal dinner

By now I am sure you can tell that I love cruising and I love Royal Caribbean cruising.  To date we have traveled on the Majesty of the Seas, Monarch of the Seas, Brilliance of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas and we have loved them all.

Allure of the Seas 10-2011

In 2011 Randy and I cruised on the Allure of the Seas with a group from our community. As always we had a great time.  I enjoyed the food so much I decided to buy a copy of “Carte du Jour” a cookbook for the restaurants of Royal Caribbean International.  The cookbook features not only dishes from the main dining room but some of the wonderful specialty restaurants on board several of the ships. The photography in the book is wonderful and makes your mouth water flipping the pages.

There are recipes from Giovann’s Table, Solarium, Izumi, Vintages, 150 Central Park, Seafood Shack, Chops Grille, Portofino and the main dining room.  While on the Oasis and the Allure we ate breakfast every morning in the Solarium.  The Solarium features foods for the health conscious cruisers.  Just wonderful!

 On this recent cruise we decided to enjoy the drink of the day and while enjoying one of these wonderful afternoon delights I got a great idea.  With each drink we were given a souvenir glass.  Well, we collected ten in all.  Yes, I know I said we would only have one a day but the Captain’s Bahama Mamma was just too yummy to have one.

I love to entertain so I thought wouldn’t it be fun to have a Royal Caribbean night sometime this summer and invite friends and neighbors in serve pitchers of our two favorite drinks and prepare an entire meal from this wonderful cookbook.  So, I will choose a recipe for an appetizer, salad, main dish, side and dessert and create a menu for the dinner.

Lorraine and I have a good time on the boardwalk on the Allure of the Seas

Now doesn’t that sound like fun?   A challenge will be finding the exact measurements for the two drinks we have chosen to serve.  The two we liked the best were the ‘Miami Melon’ and ‘Pomegranate Stingrays’.  I have already started to search but have not found the exact recipe for each yet.  I plan on sending an email to the cruise line to see if they will share.

I remember telling you that I lost 4 pounds on my last cruise and wanted to see if I could repeat that feat.  Well, I did lose 1 pound.  Remember I did not deny myself any food while on board however I did utilize the Vitality menu each evening and with only two exceptions enjoyed each dish.  I will put that in the success column.  I think the key is staying away from the buffets.

Randy, me and Lorraine participating in a walk around the ship for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Normally we walk around the promenade deck several times each day and take the elevators whenever we can.  As you read along you could see that we decided to just take it easy and relax this trip.  We both needed that so we both came home extremely relaxed and refreshed.

Next I will share a great chocolate cake that is great for everyone but especially so for the man in your life.  Remember Father’s Day is coming up.



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10 Responses to Making plans to prepare a Royal dinner

  1. Steve says:

    It seems most people gain weight on cruises, so if you’re managing to lose, that’s pretty impressive!

    • Steve–The key is staying away from the buffet, not eating between meals and enjoying a full dinner. This was you don’t feel as though you are missing anything. Seems to work. Aunt Mary

  2. Lorraine says:


    • Hi, Lorraine–Yes, I really liked the Stinray. We will have both that drink and the Miami Melon once I put this dinner together. And, of course, you and John are invited. Mary

  3. Paula says:

    I never thought to buy a cookbook from a cruise–good idea. You and Randy live so conveniently to cruising–think we would go often if we could just drive to the port! Also interesting you didn’t gain weight. I think I actually lost weight on the cruise we took with the NB group since I got sick on the last day. Oops! Gained it back already. 🙂

    • Hi, Paula–The first crise cookbook I bought was ‘Cooking with Flair*’ from the Princess Cruise line. My ex-husband and I took a trip on Sun Princess up the Mexican coast to LA. The cooking staff and most of the other crew members were Italian and Oh, the food on board was wonderful. I ate a pasta dish every day for lunch we would go touring and then just have a salad and steak for dinner and I lost 10 puonds on that cruise. Wonderful. I made a Bolognese Sauce from this book for a large dinner for my church that was just beyond tasty. Everyone loved it. Once I have the ‘Royal’ dinner I will blog about the food and how it turned out. And, of course let everyone know our dinner guests like the ‘drink of the day’. Mary

  4. Genny says:

    After just returning from our 15-day cruise up the Atlantic Coast/Canada, and, with the exception of only one 2-hour meal in the Dining Room, we ate in the Lido on the Maasdam. I tried a myriad of foods I’d never eaten before and only picked up 2 pounds (probably from the delicious little hard rolls, with butter, of course!). Now, let’s see if I can drop those 2 pounds at home!!! Do hope we’ll be invited guests to your Royal Dinner – sounds like it’ll be fun.

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