Homeward Bound—A Tea and BBQ day

What a day!  We enjoyed two very different tastes today.  We enjoyed a quiet lunch at Emma’s Tea Room and at dinner we were chowing down at the Chuck Wagon BBQ.

We decided to spend an additional day in Huntsville visiting with Kara, enjoying some lunch and taking a ride out to her ‘farm’ to  see her beautiful dog Dodger.  It felt so good just to hang out at the hotel all morning catching a few extra winks, doing our laundry and enjoying a quiet breakfast.

Lunch was wonderful.  Kara took us to this small, quaint restaurant called  Emma’s Tea Room in Huntsville, Alabama.  From the moment I walked in the door I was happy to be there.  The beautiful pastel walls were so inviting, the tea cups and pots all around the room all added a delicate touch to the tea room’s surroundings.   We were seated quickly and handed a menu that had a wonderful and extensive list of black, white, green and herbal teas.  All the teas sounded tantalizing.  I chose a black tea made with ginger and peach.  The tea was wonderful. 


Chicken salad sandwich on croissant. Delicious!


We were not there to have a traditional tea but rather enjoy a nice, light lunch.  I was drawn to the chicken salad sandwich on croissant.  The chicken salad was filled with mixed greens, cranberries, celery, onions, walnuts, grapes and just and according to the menu just a  ‘sprinkling of bleu cheese’.  The chicken salad was tender, sweet and crunchy all at once.  The walnuts were so, so fresh.  An added delight to my lunch choice was a small bowl of fresh fruit. This tiny little bowl of fruit was eye candy.  The pieces of apple, strawberry, blackberry, pineapple, blueberries and mandarin oranges were a very refreshing addition to the lunch especially on a hot day.

Randy chose the chicken salad on multi-grain bread and loved it.  Kara ordered the special of the day a ham sandwich on croissant with Swiss and brie cheese, thin slices of apple, lettuce and mayonnaise.  She also chose the fresh fruit.  Of course we had to have dessert.  We decided that we would each order something different and share.  At the last minute Randy said he just could not eat another bite.  Kara ordered this wonderful lemon and blackberry trifle and I ordered the coconut cupcake.  Both were wonderfully delicious.

We enjoyed our lunch in this small, intimate restaurant with beautiful instrumental music playing in the background.  I walked from room to room and enjoyed looking at all the little touches that made this small tea room so special.  The next time I come to visit Kara and I will once again visit Emma’s tea room to enjoy their afternoon tea.

The ‘untamed’ farm is a work in progress.

Randy looking out of one of the covered bridge windows at the creek below.

Creek below the bridge.

After leaving the tea room Kara took us for a short visit to her ‘farm’ property just a few miles away.  I love this property.  It is a ten acre island surrounded by a sea of single family homes.  To get to her home you have to cross a covered bridge.  There are several buildings on the property including the main house, two barns, car port and storage shed.  There is a large meadow and a creek that runs under the covered bridge.  Dodger the dog lives on the property and is just a beautiful animal.  He is friendly and very protective of Kara whenever she visits the ‘farm’. 

Kara’s beautiful dog, Dodger

By now it was mid-afternoon and both Randy and I wanted to head back to the hotel to start preparing for our departure the next morning and get a little rest.  That rest turned into a nap and then a nice swim in the hotel’s heated pool.  Randy was hungry so we made our way back to the front desk and talked with our new found friend hotel manager Phoebe  Steele.  We wanted to know a really good place to go for dinner.  She said that there was a really good restaurant within walking distance that had great BBQ called The Chuck Wagon BBQ.

As we walked up to the restaurant we started to laugh.  Here was this very small building in Madison, Alabama that looked as though it should be in the heart of Texas.  The building just had that rustic, Wild West look that hinted that we would find some really good eats within its walls.  And we did!  Three young gentlemen were behind the small buffet style counter awaiting us to make our choices.  One of those gentlemen was Stephen Holley the owner’s son.  It took us a few minutes to look over the menu board on the wall.  There in front of us was a wonderful array of barbeque chicken, beef brisket, pork shoulder, sausages and spare ribs to choose from.  Once the meat was chosen we then had to decide whether to have coleslaw, potato salad and baked beans.    

I ordered the barbeque chicken sandwich, potato salad and beans.  As soon as I took my first bite of chicken I looked at Randy and said, “Wow, this chicken is so moist.  I love it”.  There were two barbeque sauces and I always choose the spicier and trust me that was a good choice indeed. The baked beans with little pieces of beef brisket were wonderful and mouth watering.  Randy’s dinner included spare ribs, coleslaw, beans and a piece of toast.  He chose the milder sauce but never used it saying, “The ribs are good and really don’t need anything extra”.

This small restaurant was filled with all things Texan including metal art pieces like an armadillo, cowboy boot, red bandana table covers, jean pocket seat covers, Texas A& M ball caps and so much more.  Here I was sitting in this wonderful, little restaurant and I did not have my camera.  I took some pictures with my cell phone but they did not do the room or food justice.  So check out an article I found on their website that will do justice to this little restaurant full of wonderful aromas and delicious food.  Stephen stopped by our table and in his friendly way told a little about the restaurant’s history, food preparation the delicious meats, sides and desserts.

The end of another wonderful and delicious day was nearing so we headed back to our home away from home to settle down for the evening.

Tomorrow we continue our journey homeward but at this writing do not know where we will be stopping for the evening.  Stay tuned.



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8 Responses to Homeward Bound—A Tea and BBQ day

  1. Tina Montalbano says:

    Don’t you just love tea rooms? It’s a great way to enjoy a quiet, more gentile way to enjoy a meal. Reminds me to reach out to my biker-lady friends to hustle over to Mt Dora for afternoon tea. Thanks for the update. Have fun…ride safe.

    • Hi, Tina–I couldn’t agree more. Kara and I have been doing tea for years. Whenever we get together at least one afternoon we go and have tea. I love it. Perhaps we could go and have tea one day. Thanks for reading along. Mary

  2. Genny says:

    Emma’s looks really quaint; no brewed tea tho, huh? Kara’s “farm” looks like a respite — peace and quiet; what fun she’ll have making it hers.

    • Hi, Genny–All the tea was brewed. They had 60 different flavors of tea. My ginger peach was delicious. Yes, Kara’s ‘farm’ is wonderful. Unfortunately she having problems with the utilities on the property which is why it is a work in progress. We’ll be home tomorrow. Mary

  3. Sal says:

    Hi Mary,
    When I visit Panera’s a order a ginger peach tea which is very good. After reading the Article, I would select the peanut butter pie for dessert…………………….there goes my diet.

  4. Raul Saeli says:

    Wow! Thank you! I always needed to write on my site something like that. Can I take a fragment of your post to my site?

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