Teatime at Polly’s Pantry

I thought it would be fun to let Madalyn talk about her trip to Wildwood today to Polly’s Pantry Royal Tearoom and Gift shop.  This was my first visit and I enjoyed it very much.  This small restaurant with its small rooms create a very intimate atmosphere just perfect for small groups to enjoy a lazy afternoon of tea and conversation.

The presentation was lovely and the food delicious.  But let’s have Madalyn tell you about our afternoon tea.

Guest blogger: Madalyn Farmer

“Every year when I come down to Florida I go to tea with my grandma, Mrs. Fulmer and this year Mrs. Fortmann.   It is always nice and enjoyable.

We arrived at Polly’s Pantry in Wildwood, Florida and it looked gorgeous on the outside.  When we walked inside the tearoom I thought it was very pretty and very traditional.  There were a lot of really nice porcelain dolls with beautiful clothing, dollhouses that were completely decorated inside.  There were a lot of very nice paintings and a princess Teddy bear that I loved.  When we sat down at the table we were greeted by the owner, Tricia Bennett, who was very nice and very funny.

The food was very yummy!  The presentation was very nice.  The food was served on a light pink, two-tiered plate filled with petite sandwiches, scones, and small cakes.  My favorite was the cucumber sandwiches and the small cakes.  Oh, I loved the tea.  The tea was a sweet berry lemon tea that was so yummy.  It was the best sweet tea I have ever had in my life.  I had three glasses.

While we were eating I kept looking around the room a great deal as I enjoyed all the decorations.  There were tea pots, tea cups, and copies of the books written by the owner of the tearoom.  I liked the stimulating conversations we were having at the table.

There was a little dinner bell at each table.  If we needed a refill we just rang the bell and someone would appear and our glasses were full again.  It felt very nice to just ring a little bell and someone would come to take care of whatever I needed.

After we finished our tea the owner came to our table and engaged us in conversation.  She was very funny.  I thought it was very nice that she took the time to stop at our table and talk to us.  She was a very comedic woman.  I loved her accent, very British.  She talked about her Polly Brown books that she has already written and a new book that is coming out soon.  I enjoyed listening to her so much I decided to buy the first in the Polly Brown series and she signed it for me.  I was so excited this is my first signed book and I am looking forward to reading it.

I have decided that tea is done right when it is done by someone from England!”

We have enjoyed having Madalyn visit and will miss her when she leaves this weekend.  She is already looking forward to next year’s tea.



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11 Responses to Teatime at Polly’s Pantry

  1. Genny says:

    Very nicely done, Maddie. This was a very fast turnaround blog! Your Grandma takes longer! (ha, ha!) It was nice to see you again this year and look forward to our tea date next year.

  2. Tina Montalbano says:

    You made Polly’s Tea Room sound so nice I can’t wait to visit with a bunch of my friends. Thanks!

  3. Jane Setman says:

    Reading your blog was very nice. The tea room sounds very enjoyable. Maddie, your grandmother has spoken of you so often over the years that I’ve know her that I feel that i know you a bit, too. It will be nice to read your blog of the tea room next year.

  4. Liz says:

    Maddy, you have a very lucky grandma!
    Thanks for reporting on that tea room. I’m not a fan of tea, but you made me want to go there anyway!!!
    Hope you enjoyed your visit, and safe travels.

    • Dear Liz–I’m grateful to have a grandma like the one I have!!! Tea is not just there they also have nice iced tea. Thank you for the safe travels wishes. I leave tomorrow morning. Maddy

  5. Jane Fortmann says:

    Hi Maddy Just got around to reading your blog. Not usualy into “blogging” but you have peaked my interest and will check back often to see what Grandma Mary has to say. Polly’s Pantry is a visual and gourmet delight. Look forward to joining you next year. thanks for the experience Jane.

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