Smooth sailing day at sea

Sunset from our balcony.

We woke at about 7am to a wonderful morning of blue skies filled with thin, wispy cirrus clouds and the calmest of seas.  The water was like looking at a mirror, not even small whitecaps could be seen on the water.  We enjoyed this wonderful view from our balcony while sipping hot cups of very strong coffee and miniature Danish.  What a great way to start the day on the Carnival Dream.

We both love the days at sea finding it very relaxing to just sit around the pool and read or listen to island music.  You have to get to the pool deck early so you can stake out chairs that are under an umbrella.  Periodically we would get into the pool to cool off which turned out to be quite an adventure as the pool was always full of children having a grand time splashing, doing cannonballs and kicking wildly as they swam from one end of the pool to the other.

On most days we would eat our lunch at the buffet opting to get a salad, fruit and perhaps a small dessert saving our appetites for the evening meal in the dining room.  However, as returning cruisers on Carnival we were given certificates for free drinks the only catch was that we had to use them at the pool or in the main dining room.  So off we went to the Crimson dining room for lunch.  We were seated at a table for eight and met some very delightful people.  There was a couple from Chicago, Ill., Macon, Ga., and Jacksonville, Florida.

The couple from Chicago was very young and the husband told us that this was their second cruise.  Their first was for their honeymoon the year before.  He said that he made up his mind that they would save up each year and go on another cruise for their vacation.  Each couple took turns sharing a little about themselves and their cruise experiences.

As I mentioned before I usually do not eat a large lunch so decided to order a Caprese salad for lunch.  The presentation of this very simple salad was wonderful.  I wish you could have seen it. (I forgot my camera)  The waiter placed a very simple white, shallow bowl before me and what I saw was just wonderfully simple but very pleasing.  In the bowl was a beautiful skinned, steamed whole tomato, a large slice of buffalo mozzarella, a thin strip of green pesto and a scattering of basil leaves.  I was loving the salad before I even tasted it.  Now for my drink I decided to order a ‘Sex on the Beach’ concoction that was a delicious, fruity mix of Stolichnaya vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice.  Wonderful!

We had decided earlier in the day that we would also attend the daily ‘tea’ in the Crimson dining room and sat with a lovely couple from Miami, Florida.   They had already been on 22 cruises.  He was semi-retired both working as real estate investors buying and selling houses.  She was from Siberia, Russia and said that it took her six years to get her citizenship.  They were both interesting and entertaining and we enjoyed their company.

I never know what to expect from tea these days.  They are treated very differently on each cruise line.  A waiter came around to each table with a tea box and offered a selection of tea bags.  I chose an Earl Grey.  I am not a big fan of fruity or citrus teas.  Another waiter came around with a food cart that was full of delicious looking delights.  When the waiter approached she asked if we would like some sweets.  I looked at the cart and noticed that there were tea sandwiches but they were on the bottom of the cart.  There were two sandwiches a cucumber and an open-faced salmon.  I chose the cucumber and did not enjoy it.  The bread was very thin and had absorbed the moisture of the cucumber so was soggy and very difficult to pick up.

The sweets included a scone filled with lemon cream, a merengue filled with chocolate, a chocolate tart topped with slices of several different kinds of fruit, a peach crisp, a double chocolate cake and others each as delicious looking as the last.   I had one small scone which was very good and a peach crisp that was disappointing.

Spaghetti carbonara

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool reading books.  Then off to the room to prepare for dinner.  I decided to eat small for dinner in light of the fact that we had participated in the afternoon tea just a few hours earlier.  I ordered a bowl of strawberry bisque, a Caesar salad,  a starter size of spaghetti carbonara and cherries jublie for dessert.  Everything was just wonderful.  Randy enjoyed the lobster tail and tiger shrimp combination for his main dish.  He thought his dinner was wonderful too.

Lobster and tiger shrimp

After dinner we headed to the theatre to watch the ship’s production show called “Get Ready” a musical evening featuring music from the fifties and sixties.  As we walked through the lobby my eyes were drawn to the elevators that were slowly ascending and descending and as they did sparkled like jewels turning beautiful colors of red, green, glue, purple and orange.  The rest of the evening we took a leisurely walk around the promenade deck.  It was a wonderful day, just wonderful.



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6 Responses to Smooth sailing day at sea

  1. Geri Blumenthal says:

    The pic of you and Randy is absolutely beautiful…I loved it. Keep your adventure coming as I enjoy reading your description of your adventures. Hugs, Geri

  2. Judy says:

    Sounds wonderful and the food ooks so yummy!

  3. Genny says:

    My mouth is salivating over that lobster tail!!!

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