Carnival Dreaming-Cozumel, Mexico

Today was our first port of call in Cozumel, Mexico.    This was our fourth visit to Cozumel so we did not make any tour plans.  We talked instead about taking a walk downtown and perhaps visiting one of our favorite watering holes.  However, we docked at Puerto Maya quite a distance from the downtown area.

We spent the morning at the pool.  It was great so many people had left the ship we virtually had the pool to ourselves.  Wonderful!!

After enjoying a wonderful Caribbean lunch we left the ship to walk around the port area.  We had been here before and remembered the port had many nice little shops, restaurants and places to sit along the waterline.  What was new this year was this really long duty free shop at the end of the pier that you had to walk through in order to get to the port.  I did not enjoy ‘running the gauntlet’ with at least two salespeople every three feet just to get to the port area.  I could not help but wonder what effect this shop had on the shops in the port especially as everyone had to go through the shop both coming into and leaving the port area.

We took a leisurely walk around stopping here and there looking for a colorful refrigerator magnate for daughter Kristine.   Along the way we came across a beautiful park area that I do not remember from our last visit.  The part would have been perfect if only it had a few benches to sit on.

While walking you could not help but hear the sounds of island music, cheering, clapping and people just having fun.  As we neared the restaurants we came upon some very interesting areas and fun places to take pictures.  So, of course, we did!  We stopped for a time at Fat Tuesday’s and Three Amigos and enjoyed watching patrons having a good time.

We headed back to the ship and an afternoon poolside and prepare for the Labor Day sail away party.  Before you knew it dinner time rolled around.  Dinner was great.  I had Caribbean jerk pork roast, rice, green beans and chocolate melting cake with ice cream for dessert.  We had a wonderful conversation with our waiter, Mitr Kokapan from Thailand.  He told us that he only had two more days and he would be retiring after 20 years with the cruise line.  He seemed both happy and sad at the prospect of retirement.  After vacationing in Florida for a few days visiting friends he would be going back to his home in Thailand.

Beautiful sunset!

Tomorrow we will be stopping in Belize.



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3 Responses to Carnival Dreaming-Cozumel, Mexico

  1. Genny says:

    Kristine would probably be delighted if you got her a refrigerator magnate! But you probably meant magnet, huh?

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