Carnival Dreaming-Homeward Bound

Menagerie complete!

Knowing it was going to be our last day on the ship we decided to sleep in.  Of course, what I kept forgetting was that like clockwork we always wake up at 7am anyway.  So much for sleeping in!

We headed up to the pool deck to stake out our chairs and then into the buffet for a light breakfast.  We started the week ordering room service but after a few days decided that the service was so inconsistent that it was just as easy to eat at the buffet.  The first day we ordered room service we ordered two orders of each selection i.e. two Danish.  What we received was two miniature Danish.  The next day we did the same and we received four miniature Danish and a muffin.  They never sent enough cream so we started to order a container of milk for our very strong coffee.  And it just went downhill from there.  I thought it was very funny that they never included napkins with our tray.  Now the good news is that they were always on time.  Oh, well.

We arrived at the pool deck and realized that everyone else had the same idea.  All of our favorite chairs (the chairs with umbrellas) were taken.  So off to breakfast resigned to finding a suitable chair once finished.  Well, we did not.  We retreated to one deck above in the shade but away from the action.  Periodically I would move over to the railing in search of two lounge chair poolside.  Finally, success!

Now remember I mentioned in an earlier blog that there were only two pools but for the most part there was always space to swim a little, cool off a little and enjoy just hanging out.  Not so today.  There was a large group traveling together that completey dominated one half of the pool with the other half completely taken over by children.  Normally I would be smiling and enjoying the fact that this group of people were celebrating and having a good time except that they did it at the expense of everyone else in and around the pool.

The DJ was playing fun, upbeat music for everyone to enjoy at they sat around the pool and at the same time this group brought a radio poolside and were blasting their own music.  It was a little disconcerting to say the least to listen to two competing music styles or enjoy either.  Add to that that they were shouting, jumping up and down in the pool and drinking in the pool.

There are very clear rules about drinking in the pool which for the most part most people abided by.  At one point the security guard did come over and say something but that only lasted until the guard walked away.  What I found a little puzzling was that the guard stayed on the pool deck just feet away and never came back even after seeing the group disregard his admonishment.  Oh, well back to my book.

Before we knew it lunch time had rolled around.  I was excited that it was Caribbean day.  The lunch menu rotated each day between Italian, American and Caribbean over the week.  My favorite was Caribbean day.  The rice and beans and barbeque chicken were wonderful.  I was able to talk the very nice man behind the food case to pour some of the barbeque sauce over my rice and beans making them doubly spicy and delicious.  Life is good!

An added food excitement for the day was the Chocolate Extravaganza buffet line set up just across the room.  Oh, my so many mouth-watering delights to choose from what is a girl to do?  After looking the entire buffet which actually included many other sweet choices other than chocolate I settled on a wonderful looking cake that looked very much like the Italian Cream cake that I make several times a year.  The cake was very moist and delicious.

The last day on the ship is always a flurry of activity on the deck lined with tax and duty free shops.  Today was no different.  We browsed through the shops and eventually purchased two bottles of Captain Morgan spiced rum.  Have you ever had a Captain’s spiced Mai Tai?  They are yummy!  We went back to our cabin for a while to do a little packing then back to the pool deck and actually managed to see just a little space to wiggle into the pool and enjoy the cool water.

Remember I mentioned that the dinner menu is divided into every day, today, heart healthy and comfort selections.  Well, tonight I decided to choose from the ‘from our comfort kitchen’ menu and ordered bacon mac n’ cheese.  I started with a mango cream soup followed by a Caesar salad.  The bacon mac n’ cheese was just perfect.  The portion was small, the macaroni was creamy, the smoked apple wood bacon was crisp and flavorful and the marinated chicken breast was moist and tender.   I had just enough appetite left for the Grand Marnier soufflé with orange vanilla sauce.

One of the more pleasant sites I looked at each day as we walked to and from our cabin were the wall paper panels along the way.  They were scenes of men and women in various styles of cruise clothing from the very formal to pool wear.  The panels were in very soft and subtle colors and all appeared to be from the fifties.  I took a liking to one panel in particular.  Not really sure why just did.  Well, actually I think it reminded me of when I first started cruising back in the eighties a time when men and women dressed up for dinner in the dining room and adhered to formal and semi-formal dress codes when called for.

My first cruise in the early 80’s. Captain’s night on the Sun Princess.

All ships have similar rules and dress codes for their dining rooms.  I have noticed over the years that travelers have pushed the envelope of these rules and codes so that invariably you see people entering the dining area with more and more casual attire.  I was especially dismayed when I watched as a gentleman walked in with a Harley-Davidson muscle shirt, shorts and flip-flops on a formal evening.  I could not help but wonder what was he thinking?  Now before anyone gets upset I have no issue with Harley-Davidson clothing but please not a sleeveless muscle shirt in the dining room.

The rest of the evening we just walked around the ship enjoying our last evening.  Once again we had a great time and will be looking forward to our next cruise.



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10 Responses to Carnival Dreaming-Homeward Bound

  1. Randy says:

    Overall it was a very enjoyable cruise.

  2. Trudy says:

    He was probably only a Harley “whanta be” not a real Harley rider 🙂 lol, Trudy

  3. Ellen says:

    Mary and Randy, thank you for taking us on your vacation. I myself wonder how we have lost some of manners and standards of our parent’s era, today its all about well we don’t want to upset the apple cart, examples with your security issue and dress codes. Those things are for another day. Glad you let us come along

  4. Keshia says:

    Really Appreciate this post, is there any way I can receive an email when you make a fresh article?

    • Hello, Keshia–Thanks for the kind words. Go to look down at the bottom right hand corner of your screen and you will see a little round black button that says ‘follow’. Click on that and enter your email address. They will send you and email and ask you to confirm that you would like to follow the blog. Confirm and from then on whenever I post you will automatically get a notice. Thanks for your interest. Keep reading. Mary

  5. Maray says:

    That’s quite a menagerie! Isn’t it amazing what they can do with towels and washcloths??? Those desserts look awesome! What a great time–except for the rude people. The security guard should be fired!
    I’m off to look for the Cornish Hen recipe.

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