Cruising to the Bahamas

“I’d like to go where the pace is slow

Could you beam me somewhere Mr. Scott?

Any ol place here on earth or in space

You pick the century and I’ll pick the spot”~

Lyrics from “Boat drinks” by Jimmy Buffett

This has been a cruising year.  Randy and I have been on several cruises this year and along the way I purchased a cookbook from Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas as well as enjoying the ‘drink of the day’ on the Monarch of the Seas.  I collected all the souvenir glasses and got the idea that it would be fun to have a dinner based on the cookbook and make these wonderful drinks too.

However, I encountered a problem.  I could not find the recipes for the four drinks.  I looked in the cookbook and searched the Internet.  Well, I decided there was nothing else I could do but go on another cruise on the Monarch and track down the recipes.  Sounded like a good idea.  I was happy when one day Randy came in and announced that he found an offer on-line that he could not refuse for a cruise on what ship you ask?  Why, the Monarch of the Seas.

And, frankly I was just plain tired of the stress brought on by the endless chatter every day on the news.  So much negative.

I find cruising to be a very peaceful and emotionally calming activity and look to any opportunity that brings me back to the open sea.  I love the dark of night looking out our cabin window or over the railing of our balcony and seeing the night sky filled with beautiful, gleaming stars in the sky and the only sound you hear is the sound of the water as the ship’s bow cuts through the waves.   It is truly music to my ears.

We had been talking about taking a cruise with our friends Bob and Sandy when they returned from their summer travels and they enthusiastically said, “Yes, count us in”.  Then Randy mentioned the cruise to friends Dennis and Connie who mentioned it to friends Rick and Mary and all of a sudden we had a table for eight.  Just wonderful!

Me, Randy, Bob and Sandy left on Sunday to spend the night in Cocoa Beach.  We ate dinner at what is now one of our favorite seafood restaurants and were pleased that Bob and Sandy enjoyed it too.

The day we boarded was just a bit overcast but warm.  We went directly to the buffet and enjoyed a small lunch, got settled in our cabin and then headed to the pool deck for the sail away party.  Bob, Sandy and I stood at the railing watching as the beach slowly disappeared. At the same time Randy was enjoying himself line dancing to lively, fun music.  Dennis, Connie, Rick and Mary were walking around familiarizing themselves with the ship.

Now remember I had a goal to meet.  I was determined to get the recipes for the four drinks for my dinner party.  It took me a few days to get the recipes but I finally managed get my hands on them.  Today’s drink of the day was a Pomegranate Stingray.

Pomegranate Stingray:

1.5 oz. Smirnoff vodka

.5 oz. triple sec

2 oz. orange juice

.5 oz. Monin Pomegranate

Top Sprite


Fill shaker with ice and top 4 ingredients.  Shake and strain over ice and top with Sprite. Garnish with ½ orange wheel.

Before long it was time to get ready for dinner.  Dinner was great.  (Clockwise Sandy, Bob, Randy, me, Mary, Rick, Dennnis and Connie . We all had a great time eating, laughing and having great conversations about Rick and Mary’s the renovation work they were doing to their home and our plans for the first stop on Coco Cay.

Dinner was great as always on Royal ships.  We all enjoyed different choices and all were great.  I had the pan-fried pork medallions with mashed potatoes, broccoli, and green beans with a savory forest mushroom ragoût and for dessert a strawberry Pavlov.  Everyone’s dinner was delicious.

After dinner we went our separate ways to enjoy different forms of entertainment for the evening, looking through the shops, or taking a leisurely walk on the promenade deck.  Tomorrow we will be on Coco Cay and the beach.

A thought I would like to share–We took this trip just a few weeks ago before Hurricane Sandy was on the horizon.  We are saddened to think about the damage and the lives that have been affected by this terrible storm to the wonderful places we just visited.  Randy and I have kept them all in our thoughts and prayers and wish them well.  And now we are praying hard for all our family and friends living up north where Sandy will be wreaking so much havoc as it comes on shore.  We wish everyone in its path to be safe.



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10 Responses to Cruising to the Bahamas

  1. Geri Blumenthal says:

    Mary, You and the other Mary look like sisters. You all look like you are having a ball. Hugs, Geri

  2. Randy says:

    Royal Caribbean has excellent food on their ships. After being on the Carnival Dream, it was quite an improvement to have great food instead of just ho hum cuisine.

  3. Ellen McCort says:

    So glad to see you all having a great time. Bob and Sandy look wonderful, as you and Randy. Keep up the good menus and food

    • Hi, Ellen–There are three more wonderful drink menus coming. Next week I will be posting two recipes I made while Randy’s sister was here for a short visit. Both are wonderful. Mary

  4. This is exactly the thing I’ve been rummaging for! Excellent and thanks!

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