Cruising to the Bahamas—Day at Sea

I love the days we spend at sea.  Just sailing along slowly, sitting poolside, reading a book, chatting with friends and just kicking back.  I love cruising because I can choose to be as energetic or as relaxed as I want.  More and more I am choosing to be relaxed on our ‘at sea’ days.

Besides on the last day at sea there is an event that is just plain fun to watch.  That event is the ever popular belly flop contest.  The contest is entertaining, funny and brings about much applause and laughter from everyone poolside.

As usual we had breakfast with Bob and Sandy and we all agreed that we would spend most of our day poolside.  At dinner Dennis, Connie, Rick and Mary said they would be coming up to relax by the pool at some point too.

We decided to find lounge chairs under the canopy today since we would be there most of the day electing to find an empty chair periodically in the sun to catch a few rays without getting burned.  The chairs fill up quickly especially on the ‘at sea’ days.  By the time Dennis and Connie came by there was only one chair left under the canopy but plenty in the sun.  Connie took advantage of sitting in a chair close by in the sun so we could talk easily.  Rick and Mary drifted by but decided to find a comfortable spot on an upper deck.

The pool water was just too inviting to ignore for long so I finally joined many others just floating around.  I was there when the cruise director announced the beginning of the belly flop contest.  There were six contestants of various belly sizes making the contest interesting.  One of the contestants had won twice previously on other cruises.  And there was one contestant who while small in girth promised that he could indeed make a sizeable splash.

Everyone around the pool had a vested interest holding up their fingers voting 1 being not very good to 5 which was outstanding. Of course there were three cruise members who were the final judges who would determine the outcome.  Before the contestants started the cruise director introduced them all to what he called the ‘hurt box’.  The inference was that this box would make the splash a little more painful falling from a higher level.

One by one the men took their turns with varying results.  In the end the gentleman who had won twice previously won first place in this contest too.  But what was so wonderful is the gentleman from the other end of the spectrum in size won too.  He garnered third place.  After the awards were given out the participants lined up on the side of the pool and on the count of three jumped into the pool in unison much to the delight of everyone.

I returned to my book, talking with friends and enjoying a nice cold drink and a plate of great cheese and crackers.  Today’s ‘drink of the day’ was the Miami Melon.

Miami Melon

.75 oz. Bacardi Superior rum

.75 oz. Smirnoff vodka

.5 oz. Midori Melon liqueur

.25 oz.  grenadine

1 oz.     sweet & sour

Top      Sprite

Mixology:  Fill shaker with ice and top 5 ingredients.  Shake and strain over ice and top with Sprite.  Garnish with cherry.

Dinner was great as usual.  I was excited to see several choices that I really enjoy on the menu.  I chose the Caprese Salad, Strawberry Bisque and Chicken Marsala.  All my choices were delicious.

While we were all enjoying our desserts I asked everyone to say a few words about the cruise.

Randy—Great cruise, fun people, good food and a lot of good stuff to do.

Bob-Great cruise a lot of fun people.  We had a very good time.  I loved Cococay and lying on the beach.

Sandy—I have several things on the top of my list: Making four new friends, going to Cococay where we have never been, great weather, great neighbors, great food.  I hope to see everyone again.

Connie—Wow, the cabana on Cococay was totally awesome.  Incredible buffet with champagne a wonderful experience getting the cabana.  Señor Frogs.  Nassau my favorite place in the world to to go.  Fantastic time with everyone there.   New friends Sandy and Bob.  Overall a good cruise and great weather.

Mary—It was a wonderful time.  It was wonderful planning the time, wonderful looking forward to the time, and wonderful shopping for the cruise.  And then we met new people and they are wonderful.  The whole experience has been delightful.  Everyone else has already said everything they said and more. Cococay was great.  Everyday has been great. Looking forward to the next one.  I hope we can get together again as a group and go somewhere else.

Rick—Had a wonderful time enjoyed everybody and the cruise even caught up on some napping.

Dennis was not at the table when we talked about the cruise so instead each one took a turn saying something about him.  This exercise brought about many funny comments and good humored laughter.

After dinner we regrouped in the Boleros lounge to take one last group photo before going our separate way to enjoy last minute shows, shopping and just walking around.  On our way back to the cabin we stopped in the lobby to watch a contest called ‘Finish that Lyric’ with game host Urky from Turkey and ran into Bob and Sandy.  Watching this was so much fun.  What was really fun was the spontaneous singing from the crowd trying to help the contestants along.  It was really quite funny and when it was over it was time to head back to the cabin to pack.  We will be heading home tomorrow with great memories of our trip and dreaming of our next cruise.



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7 Responses to Cruising to the Bahamas—Day at Sea

  1. Genny says:

    The belly flop contest sounds like it would be really entertaining. Oo, oo, I have the top part of the ingredients to make the Miami Melon drink–sounds good!

    • Hi, Genny–I love the belly flop contest. There is also a sexiest man contest but for some reason this one was not as good as some of the others I witnessed. The men seemed rather uninteresting this time. Oh, well there is always another cruise and another contest. I really liked the Miami Melon drink. Enjoy, Mary

  2. Randy says:

    It was such a nice day just relaxing by the pool and listening to the Caribbean music and watching the activities.

  3. Liz says:

    I had such a good time on your cruise! Thanks for bringing me along!!!

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