Christmas in Alabama—Kara and the girls


Today we left Virginia and pointed the car southwest on our way to Alabama to visit Kara and her girls Fiona and Lauren.

Last night Randy spent a great deal of time listening to the news and watching the weather on the internet trying to decide the best way to reach our destination without encountering bad weather.  Randy’s biggest concern he said as he watched and listened to various weather reports, “Having to deal with snow and ice and being delayed”.


New route plotted and a good night’s sleep we awoke to snow falling outside our window.  We started our journey at 7am on Fairfax County Parkway eventually turning onto Interstate 95.  We arrived at our hotel 14 ½ hours after we left Virginia.  No fancy restaurants this trip only stopping at McDonald’s for lunch and Wendy’s for dinner.


We started with snow showers that eventually turned to a driving rain.  We did not see clear skies until reach Asheville, NC.  I love driving through this part of the country driving through Pisgah National Forest, Cherokee National Forest.   I love the rock formations and looking to see if I can spy one of the many little waterfalls that dot the landscape.  I tried unsuccessfully to get a picture of any of the falls.


At one point Randy said, “Look up at that mountain, it looks like the mountain has a Mohawk haircut”.  All the trees along the ridge were devoid of leaves making it look to Randy as a Mohawk haircut, to me like a hairbrush.  Either way it was very interesting to see. We have traveled these roads many times and whether summer or winter the landscape is beautiful.


Fortunately traffic, while heavy, moved along pretty well.  We did, however, come to a screeching halt just outside Asheville and from that point inched along for about two miles.  As we got closer and closer to Asheville we could see blue skies peeping out from behind the clouds.  The blue skies did not last very long.

We past the time on the road reminiscing about our time in Virginia, touring the White House, watching the grandchildren open their presents and sharing a festive meal with the family.

I knew Randy was getting very tired when he started to sing out loud to Toby Keith’s song, “I love this bar”.  Then we both started singing when “Wild Thing” by the Troggs came on the radio.  Oh, my, I thought, we really need to get off the road.  I was never as happy as I was when we finally saw our hotel coming into view.   We stayed at the LaQuinta Inns and Suites in June and loved it.  The rooms are great and the staff is just wonderful.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Christmas with Kara, Fiona and Lauren.  Stay tuned.



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8 Responses to Christmas in Alabama—Kara and the girls

  1. dee manin says:

    did not realize you were going to Asheville… could have stopped at Mosaic Cafe……right off #26 in Biltmore Park……..How is your weather today in Alabama? dee

    • Hi, Dee–Would not have had time to stop. We drove straight through to Huntsville, Alabama. 14 1/2 hours on the road. We were exhausted when we arrived. Here to visit with daughter Kara and the grandchildren. Have a very Happy New Year!!!! Mary

  2. Sal says:

    Hi Mary and Randy,
    Interesting trip so far……………..enjoy your narrative.
    Are you driving a new Accord?
    We spent Christmas at the Mission Inn.

  3. Connie says:

    Hi Mary, Sounds like a wonderful trip. I flew to Denver to see my son and his family. The 5 year old, Logan, started vomiting the 1st morning I arrived. That continued until Christmas. He was still feeling tired by Thursday when I left. I said goodby to everyone Wed. night. I had to be up by 4AM to catch a 7AM flight. Frontier changed my flight time from 10AM to 7AM. Bless their little hearts. We had an hour delay on the tarmac. The planes all had to be deiced and other flights that had long delays from the day before were let on the runway first. A short delay is OK. I just don’t want to have to live in an airport. Have a blessed New Year. Connie and Ron Henderson

    • Hi, Connie–Oh, my, what a holiday vacation you had. Hopefully you will be able to get a little rest now that you are home again. And, hopefully, you will not come down with whatever your grandson, Logan had while you were there. Have a very Happy New Year!!!!!!! Mary

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