Christmas in Alabama—Fun day with Kara and the girls


What a fun day!!!

Kara came by early and picked us up and returned to her home to wait the arrival of the girls.  While waiting we got to know and play with the families new member of the family, Miss Independence Kitty the cat.


Miss Independence Kitty, or Indy for short, is a mixed breed cat having the qualities of both the Abyssinian and ragdoll breeds.  Whatever her breed she is sweet, extremely playful and loves to be held.  We enjoyed a few moments with Indy just before Fiona and Lauren showed up.


We all decided we would go to lunch and do a little Christmas shopping at a local open-air mall that was close by.  We decided to go to P.F. Chang’s China Bistro for lunch which to me was a great choice.  As always there was a long line of people waiting so we put on name on the list and went shopping.


It is so hard to buy Christmas or birthday gifts when your family lives so far away so we decided to take this opportunity to take the girls clothes shopping.  Off we went to the GAP and within no time both Fiona and Lauren zoned in on several pieces of clothing they wanted.  Well, that was easy and we still had time to take Kara shopping.  We stopped at the Loft and Chicos and, once again we were successful.


We stopped for a few moments before we returned to the restaurant to take a few pictures in front of a beautiful Christmas tree and a lovely walking bridge.


DSC02659DSC02661Lunch was wonderful.  We started our lunch with pan-fried dumplings, bowls of delicious soup and a variety of meals.  I chose one of my favorite meals Kung Pao chicken.  This dish is stir-fried chicken with peanuts, chili peppers and scallions with steamed white rice.  I have eaten this dish many times of the years at P.F. Chang’s and it is always delicious.  I shared a bit with the girls and they both loved it too.


One thing that the girl’s parents have done so well over the years is introduce the girls to a variety of foods which has made them very adventuresome when it comes to food.  Lauren chose the Lemongrass grilled Norwegian Salmon, while Fiona shared the Crab fried rice with lump crab meat, shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, egg, smoky bacon, zesty lemon and Sriracha with her mom.  Fiona and I both ordered pots of sweet ginger peach tea and it was just delightful.  Lauren chose the white tangerine tea and she loved hers too.


We returned to Kara’s and watched as the girls opened their presents.  Their squeals of delight were wonderful.  Kitty also enjoyed her toys and delighted the family with her antics.

It was a very pleasant day but Randy and I were still a little weary and returned to the hotel to get a good night’s sleep and promising to return the next day for another visit.



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3 Responses to Christmas in Alabama—Fun day with Kara and the girls

  1. Randy says:

    Visiting the family, meeting the new Kitty and eating at P.F. Chang’s was really a treat. Plan to take food home as the portions are huge.

  2. Barry Wilden says:

    i really love the taste of asparagus and i always put it on my stew.^

    Look over our blog as well
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