Celebrating the New Year on the Jewel of the Seas – Day 2


I awoke this morning to a beautiful sight.  I went out to our balcony and watched as the sun was rising over the beautiful dark blue/black water of the Caribbean.  While I was watching, I found myself lost in thought about all the wonderful sights, sounds, food and most of all, relaxation that awaited us on this beautiful day.


It has become our custom to order room service to start the day.  We sat on the balcony enjoying orange juice, warm cups of coffee, bowls of granola and a plate of mini pastries.  Still not feeling well Randy wanted only to go up to the Solarium pool, find a chair, read his magazines and perhaps take a dip in the pool.  He chose this pool because it offered a quiet setting; the pool was heated and was for adults only.

DSC02840DSC02836It was a bit windy causing the ship to rock back and forth creating quite a wave action in the pool.  The pool was a wonderful 6’ deep and filled with salt water.  If you closed your eyes for just a moment you could imagine yourself swimming in the ocean.  We stayed there until lunch and then returned to the cabin.  Randy really was not feeling well and needed to go to bed.

What to do?  I decided that once Randy had fallen asleep I would take my new Canon Digital Single Reflex camera and roam around the ship and take pictures.  I was always complaining that I needed a better camera to take pictures of the food I prepared and posted on the Delicious Divas website.  My plan was to take pictures with this camera and my Sony Cyber-shot and compare the two.


I started in the Centrum taking a picture of a wall that had a beautiful ‘water fall’.  Next, I went back to the Solarium pool.  The setting is just beautiful and has a very Indian/Asian flare with a beautiful temple with elephant heads on either side, stone wall with intricate carvings, lush greenery everywhere, and recorded sounds of birds chirping.  The lounge chairs are padded making your stay very comfortable.  There is also a retractable roof allowing guests to luxuriate under the warm Caribbean sun.

I eventually went back to the cabin, woke up Randy and prepared for dinner.  Tonight we dined alone as our tablemates made reservations to go to specialty restaurant, Chops.  We noticed that the menu was very different and asked the head waiter about it.  Ms. Jackson said that, “Yes, all the menus were changed in October.  The menu now is one page making it easier to read but still contains all the choices guests are accustomed to”.

DSC02843DSC02847bMy eye caught the word, “MOJO” and after reading the information decided that I would order the dish on the menu that used this marinade.  My dinner included watermelon and raspberry soup that was light and refreshing, a Caesar salad, and Mojo-marinated grilled pork chops.


The pork chops were served with sweet potatoes (I asked to have mashed potatoes) and broccoli with a cumin-orange-lime reduction.  Every choice was wonderful but the pork chops were absolutely outstanding.  So much so that later in the week I asked if I could please have the recipe and to surprise and pleasure the recipe was place on the door to our cabin. I was very excited until I opened the sheet of paper and realized the recipe was for not one, two, or four pork chops but 50.  I could not help myself, I laughed and laughed.  After I have been home for a while I will cut the recipe down and post.


This evening we also decided to order wine with dinner and was very pleased.  I ordered a glass of Clos du Bois from Sonoma, California.  This was a beautiful multi-layer Merlot that was a perfect pairing for my dinner.  I ordered a most wonderfully yummy dessert: BBB Crème Brûlée a Baileys Irish cream-flavored crème brûlée with caramelized bananas. The custard was amazingly sweet and creamy, the hard caramel topping was crunchy and the banana ripe and sweet. This truly was a perfect dessert to put an exclamation point on a perfect dinner.

We topped the evening off attending a wonderful song and dance production called, “West End to Broadway” by the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers and the Jewel of the Seas orchestra.  The show was wonderful but our two favorite numbers were Bohemian Rhapsody and Copacabana.

It was time to put Randy back to bed.  Tomorrow we stop at George Town, Grand Cayman.  Stay tuned.



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5 Responses to Celebrating the New Year on the Jewel of the Seas – Day 2

  1. Randy says:

    Great food and fun. After I started to feel better.

  2. Top write-up. I count on reading a great deal more. Cheers

    • Hi, Isabelle–Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words. I am glad you enjoyed. I started writing in 2010 so look around the site. I write about recipes that I like, restaurants I visit and trips I take. Keep reading. Mary

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