Celebrating the New Year on the Jewel of the Seas – Day 4 Cozumel


I just knew today was going to be a wonderfully, glorious day as soon as I stepped out onto the balcony and watched the sun rise high into the sky.  The air was warm and inviting and there was a very gentle breeze.  Add to that we were docked at yet another one our favorite ports, Cozumel,Mexico.  We have been here several times over the years and always had a great time no matter what activity we engaged in and the people are always very friendly.


The other reason it was going to be a great day, Randy was finally feeling great.  We started our day having a continental breakfast on the balcony just enjoying the view as we pulled alongside the International Pier.  We realized as we pulled in that this pier was a bit further away from the downtown area than we were accustomed to.  No worries, we thought, just catch a cab to downtown and visit our favorite watering hole and do a little shopping.


When we got to the end of the pier we decided to take a look around and then without realizing it we were further and further away from the pier, so much for the cab.  What made it worse was that I did not put my tennis shoes on and by the time we got half way to town I had blisters on two toes and one on the ball of my foot.  Oh, my.  But the walk was wonderful.  We passed by some lovely views of the water front, restaurants, homes and interesting vegetation.  The sun was hot so the trick to staying comfortable was to staying in the shade.


Before long we could see the stacks of the Disney ship and knew that Starbucks, could not be far away.  Once again Randy was interested in getting ‘connected’.  All I could think of was getting a very cold bottle of water.  On our way we passed a very large square that was all decorated for Christmas with Disney characters.  I can just  imagine how much fun it would have been to be in the square on Christmas day with the tree and all the other decorations all lit up.


We finally arrived at the Starbucks, Randy got connected and I got my bottle of water while I took time to enjoy the nativity scene in the shopping center plaza.  We sat for a little while then walked a short distance more to downtown St. Miguel.  We have been to Cozumel several times and have always had a great time.  But in February we participated in an activity called Salsa and Salsa that to this day Randy and I talk about exuberantly.


But today we were just going take a walk around the downtown, stop and have a beer at Mr. Chili’s and shop some more for magnets for Kristine.  Oh, my, Randy’s disappointment when we reached Mr. Chili’s was palpable.  Things had changed.  Beer had risen from $1 to $2.50, our favorite bar tender was nowhere to be seen.  Shoulders down, we left and went back out to the main street in search of a $1 beer.  We were successful just a few steps away.  By now it was lunch time.  We came upon a very nice gentleman, with menus in hand, encouraging passerbys to come and enjoy a refreshing lunch at his restaurant.


DSC02954DSC02957The restaurant was Toro’s Place and it was wonderful.  We were early so had our pick of tables.  We chose one that gave us a wonderful view of the waterfront.  We ordered beef and chicken nachos and were surprised when they were delivered.  We are used to ground beef on our nachos, not here.  The beef was cut into small chunks as was the chicken.  It did not matter the nachos were very good.  We also got an order of guacamole and salsa, and, of course cold bottles of Sol beer. The waiter brought over a squeeze container filled with habanero salsa and said it was, “Caliente”.  Not only was it hot, it was yellow.  It caused my mouth to feel like it was on fire but it was really good.  I used it on my nachos but gingerly.  Before we left I walked over to where the food was being prepared and said to the cooks, “Esta bien.  Muchas gracias”.  They smiled and laughed and said thank you back.


Appetite sated we were off again picking up another dollar beer at a local shop, a magnet for Kristine, caught a cab back to the port.  It was nice to see our ship come into view. Before you knew it we were, once again luxuriating at the Solarium pool.

Dinner time found us alone again as our tablemates, Jim and Erin, decided to dine at Portofino’s Italian restaurant.  I ordered and enjoyed my entire meal of roasted peach soup, Caesar salad, Thai chicken breast (mild red curry, edamame in shitake sauce, bok choy and steamed rice.  The chicken was so moist and tender it almost melted in my mouth.


Dinner was followed by a Captain’s reception where Captain Thore Thorolvsen updated everyone on future plans for the cruise line.  I could not believe that he had been with the line for 42 years, he looked so young. The beautiful capelike top I am wearing was given to me just before we left on vacation by friend and neighbor, Dee Manin.  She knew that Randy and I were going on a cruise and made this beautiful top that fit just perfectly over my tank top and gently moved as I walked and swayed as I glided across the dance floor.  I loved wearing it.  It had been a wonderful but long day so we decided to retire back to our cabin for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow we will at sea heading home.



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8 Responses to Celebrating the New Year on the Jewel of the Seas – Day 4 Cozumel

  1. dee manin says:

    Hi Mary………..you looked real nice……..glad you had a good time…..dee

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  3. Randy says:

    The walk was great, the beer was cold, lunch was very tasty and Mary looked very spiffy in her new cape…. I like Cozumel, the people are so friendly….

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