Birthday Cruise- Day 2 – Dancing on Coco Cay


View from our tender

The second day of our cruise we arrived at Royal Caribbean’s private island, Coco Cay.   As I mentioned yesterday, we had been on the island in May and October of last year and just loved it.  This little island has beautiful white beaches, wonderful rock formations, a nature trail, and many activities and excursions to participate in.


We enjoyed a small breakfast at the Windjammer, and then bathing suits on, beach bag packed we headed down to board a tender that took us to the island.  Now what I like about this little island is all the beach chairs scattered around the island.  We have a favorite spot that is close to the bandstand and Black Beard’s Grille.  The key is to get there early in order to garner a chair under a palm tree offering a little shade from the hot Caribbean sun.


Beautiful sun-bleached rock formations separating swimming areas.

The temperature when we arrived was in the high 70’s eventually reaching the low 80’s.  But, oh, the water was a bit chilly.  Of course, that did not keep many from scuba diving, snorkeling, wave running, floating on mats and just enjoying being in the water.  We were a bit limited when it came to activities.  Randy had just had surgery on his arm and did not feel comfortable getting into the water and me, well, I have been dealing with a back problem since November and decided to just take it easy.


I had fun taking pictures of the little sandpipers, seagulls and hens scurrying here and there around the beach and picnic area in search of little bits of food.  I also took quite a few pictures of the beautiful sun-bleached rock formations around the island.


We enjoyed a tasty lunch at Blackbeard’s and had fun watching the hens walking under the tables.  Not sure, but Randy and I speculated that the hens were introduced to Coco Cay by islanders that work in the straw market.


Seagull landed on the beach chair next to mine

Let me tell you a little about the island’s aggressive seagull population.  I was sitting in my beach chair and watched as a woman returning to her chair with a plate full of food when all of a sudden a seagull came swooping down from behind and flew away with a piece of chicken in its bill.  The woman sitting in front of me said she watched as another seagull came swooping down on another woman flying away with her hot dog away. Wow!


Beachgoers were entertained throughout the afternoon with a fun Caribbean band playing wonderful island music and encouraging everyone to join in a variety of line dances. I made an attempt but decided it was really not a good idea so contented myself being an observer.


Before boarding the tender to return to the ship we spent a few minutes walking around the straw market looking at all the fun and colorful tee shirts, dresses and various souvenirs.  We returned to the ship at 3pm wanting to shower, change  and get down to the Schooner Bar and play 50’s and 60’s music trivia.  One thing I learned after playing several trivia games on board was that six brains are much better than two.

The evening was very busy.  We changed our dinner time to the early seating and were joined by two very nice couples one from Michigan and the other from England.  As we chatted the evening away I enjoyed a dinner of chilled papaya and pineapple soup; a filet of beef with a green peppercorn sauce, creamy mashed potatoes and sautéed crimini mushrooms.  Everything was tasty and cooked just right.


The rest of our evening was filled attending the Captain’s welcome aboard reception, a wonderful show called ‘Can’t Stop the Beat’,  played the Majority Rules Game and attended the Cowboys and Cowgirls Dance Party.  The production shows are quite colorful, fast paced and the singers and dancers are very entertaining.  The band for the dance party is from Vancouver, Canada called The Liberty Hounds.  The leader of the band told everyone that they love country and southern rock music and that the most requested song on the ship is Sweet Home Alabama.  Actually he said, “Sweet Home Alabama has become the Monarch of the Seas anthem”.  I found that to be very funny.

Happy but very tired we returned to our cabin for a good night’s sleep.  Next stop,  Nassau, The Bahamas.



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2 Responses to Birthday Cruise- Day 2 – Dancing on Coco Cay

  1. Mark Francis says:

    Day 2? How much better can it get?

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