Birthday Cruise – Day 4 – At Sea


Seagulls following the ship out of the channel

The last day on the ship is always a relaxing poolside experience reading, listening to some great island music and watching the belly flop contest, the sexiest man contest and an opportunity to learn one last line dance before leaving the ship.

Poolside gets very crowded during the contests.  It is always a lot of fun watching as the men who participate in the belly flop contest do their best to make the largest splash as they hit the water and then watch as everyone on the deck votes for their favorite.  Even the captain gets involved in the voting.


Towel given to the men participating in sexiest man contest

One of the contestants in the sexiest man contest this year caused many to take a double take as he strut his stuff in front of the judges.  All of a sudden he lowered his bathing trunks making everyone in the audience to let out an audible gasp.  No worries though, he had a second bathing suit underneath.


The line dance lesson today was Gangnam Style taught by crew member Edwin.  Now that was fun to watch.  Watching everyone have such a good time reminded me once more why I love cruising, you can have just as much fun being an observer or participant.  Today I was an observer, unfortunately an observer who kept leaving her camera on the deck chair.

I loved the music of the Liberty Hounds

I loved the music of the Liberty Hounds

When I realized that I had not taken many pictures today I thought I would share a few of my favorites that I took this week but did not post on previous days.

My favorite coral formation "brain coral" at Graycliff

My favorite coral formation “brain coral” at Graycliff

Before we knew it dinner time was only an hour away.  We hurried back to the cabin to shower and get ready for the evening.

My favorite dish 'Moroccan Spiced Chicken Salad'

My favorite dish ‘Moroccan Spiced Chicken Salad’

I ate this appetizer as my main dish while docked at Nassau.  I had eaten so much at Graycliff I thought I would burst.  So, I chose this wonderful salad of spiced chicken atop sliced grilled eggplants, arugula with green beans,  julienne strips of carrots and topped with a tasty cream dressing.  I do not know what the spices were but it was just perfect.

Randy's favorite spot in Nassau the Straw Market

Randy’s favorite spot in Nassau the Straw Market

Tonight we went to the farewell production show called “Signed Sealed Delivered” that covered a wide range of musical hits by the Pointer Sisters, Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and more.  These shows are always high energy and I love the music choices brings back many memories.  The last show we saw on board was the adult late night comedy act with  Al Romas.  He was so funny.  Everyone in the audience was belly laughing so hard even I snorted a few times which made Randy howl.

It was time to head back to the cabin and get a good night’s sleep.   Tomorrow we will be on the road back to Spruce Creek and I will be taking back with me many wonderful memories of my birthday cruise.



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2 Responses to Birthday Cruise – Day 4 – At Sea

  1. Connie says:

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Connie and Ron

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