Fun and Sun Beach Getaway – Our Deck Down Under


Ah, yes, today promised to be a great day at the beach.  There was a mist hanging over the ocean when we awoke but it dissipated before too long.  We started our morning with a good breakfast.  Have you seen those waffle makers at hotels?  Our hotel has a pancake maker.  My always curious husband had to see what it was all about and stood in line for quite a while until he was finally successful.  I must say, they were a little thin but tasted okay.


I was very happy because we would be spending most of the day at the beach.  I say most of the day because today we would be going back to vacation club office to listen to a presentation later in the afternoon.


DSC04063DSC04065I was really excited to see how our newest purchase would work out.  One day as I was watching a morning news show the anchors were talking with someone who was demonstrating new, easy and fun gadgets for summer.  One of them was the Genji Sports Pop up Family Beach Tent and Beach Sunshelter.  I was so impressed that even before the segment was over I was on the internet ordering the tent.


Randy was a bit apprehensive but pleasantly surprised at how easily and quickly the tent was up, stacked and ready to shelter two people who absolutely cannot spend a great deal of time in the sun.   We spent hours relaxing, reading, chatting, enjoying watching the waves and all the beautiful cloud formations that would come and go as the day wore on.  We did walk into the water once but found it much too cold and retreated back to the comfort of our tent.

Every so often I would put down the book I was reading and enjoy the waves and beautiful cloud formations.

Every so often I would put down the book I was reading and enjoy the waves and beautiful cloud formations.

It was time to leave the beach and keep our appointment with the vacation club.  Randy said the presentation would only take 45 minutes.  We arrived on time and were seated with a representative quickly.  It was a congenial meeting and answered many questions about what kind of vacations we enjoy.  Then we joined several other prospective members of the vacation club and listened to a presentation espousing all the benefits of their program.  By the time it was all over, our 45 minute appointment had stretched to two hours.  While Randy and I found all the information very intriguing, we declined to join but thanked everyone for there enthusiastic and interesting presentation.

View from the deck: small wildlife sanctuary island

View from the deck: small wildlife sanctuary island

It was time for dinner.  We decided to go south to Daytona Beach to another restaurant that was recommended called Our Deck Down Under.  We drove for about 10 miles until we reached the Port Orange Bridge and proceeded to drive under the bridge.  The parking lot was full so we knew it was going to be a good place to eat.  We met many people while standing in line who were frequent diners who seemed very willing to stand in line for however long it took to enjoy the restaurants offerings.  We chatted with a family who had driven from Orlando who were frequent diners at the restaurant and asked if they had any recommendations.  They assured us that everything was great but suggested that we try the shrimp.


The restaurant has a wonderful wrap-around deck.  It was a beautiful evening so I really wanted to sit outside and enjoy the slight breeze and watch the many water birds that hovered around the restaurant.  So, I left Randy to order the food and I went off to find a table on the deck.


Randy stood in line for an hour but finally emerged with drinks and said the food would be along shortly.  Randy made the decision to order one large shrimp dinner for us to share.  This decision turned out to be a very good idea.


The platter was filled with lightly coated butterfly shrimp that were very tasty, a small side of coleslaw, French fries, and small hushpuppies with just a hint of onion and a few red peppers that were crunchy on the outside while soft and delicious on the inside.  The gentleman who took Randy’s order suggested that he include an order of  wild rice with the promise that he would love it.  The rice was indeed very tasty but proved to be too much.  We ate as much as we could.


The view from the deck was wonderful.  The restaurant sits over the Halifax River.  While enjoying our dinner we spotted a Manatee leisurely moving through the water and eventually disappearing under the deck.  We also enjoyed watching water birds taking flight from a small wildlife sanctuary called Pelican Island.  They would fly over the deck then circle back to lite on the island.  Periodically, we would watch as all the birds would suddenly take to the sky and circle the little island several times before setting down once again.  Great entertainment!!!


Sated, relaxed and somewhat tired we headed back to our hotel but not before we walked over to the foot bridge and took several pictures of the night sky.



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8 Responses to Fun and Sun Beach Getaway – Our Deck Down Under

  1. Genny says:

    Personally, I think the previous night’s coconut shrimp Looked prettier. Which tasted better?

  2. Randy says:

    The food was very good, the scenery was great, but the wait in line is a minor negative.

  3. Steve says:

    That tent looks like a really good idea! Seems like it might be a trial on a windy day, though.

    • Steve–The tent did have spikes that went into the sand. But, you are right. A strong wind and I am sure we would be chasing it down the beach. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words. Aunt Mary

  4. Sal says:

    You both know how to have fun in retirement. Maybe, one of these days we’ll break away from the routine and find a place like this.

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