Fun and Sun Beach Getaway – Lulu’s Oceanside Grill


Let’s step back a few hours.  On our way home last night Randy said that he wanted to find a restaurant closer to our hotel, one that we could walk to.  So, before turning into the Best Western we drove a few blocks further to SR40 and searched for a restaurant that looked interesting.  As we drove around, I noticed a small building nestled a distance off the road and just behind a shopping center all lit up and said, “Let’s pull in and see if that is a restaurant”.

At night the outside patio is all lit up.

At night the outside patio is all lit up.

As we got closer we discovered that indeed it was a restaurant called Lulu’s Oceanside Grill.  The outside patio was full with happy diners, music was playing, and it just looked very inviting.  We looked at each other and simultaneously said, “That’s it”.

We awoke to another beautiful day, ate a light breakfast and headed down to the beach.  We rode the elevator down to the lobby level with another couple.  The gentleman was wearing a cap that read, “U.S. Navy retired”.  As we walked towards the breakfast room a young man, who was walking in the opposite direction, fiddling with his cell phone.  He looked up, stopped, turned around and called out to the veteran.  The young man extended his hand and shook the hand of the veteran and said, “I just wanted to say, ‘Thank you for your service’ and walked away.  The smile on the face of the veteran was electric.


We set up our tent, got settled and then I noticed the waves and remarked to Randy, “The sea looks so angry today”.  The surf was churning so hard I wondered if anyone would go into the water.  But then I realized that for surfers it was just perfect.  Before long there were dozens of surfers challenging the waves.  Bathers, on the other hand, were hard pressed to stay standing before one of the waves would crash them into the sand.

The skies were getting dark and ominous so we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the pool cooling off before retreating to the covered pool deck.  Just about the time the heavens opened up we went back our room, showered, dressed and prepared to go to dinner.  Lulu’s was only a few blocks away and we both enjoyed the walk.


I liked this restaurant as soon as we went inside.  Island music was playing softly in the background, the booth backs were covered with colorful hibiscus flowers and the walls had many pictures of  bathing beauties from the past, one of which was a girl named, Lulu.


I loved the menu choices; so much so, I had a hard time choosing what to order.  I finally narrowed it down to two choices.  I had eaten seafood the two previous evenings I decided to order the Big Island Burger.  The menu description of the burger was a 1/2 pound of grilled Angus beef with Asian slaw, spicy mango relish, wasabi aioli on a toasted Kaiser roll.  I love burgers and this one sounded tantalizingly good.

I asked our waiter what was in the Asian slaw.  He said it was a combination of seaweed and cabbage.  I have never had seaweed before and thought that would be interesting.


The Big Island Burger was absolutely the perfect choice.  I loved it.  The burger was juicy and grilled perfectly.  I enjoyed the many flavors and textures created by the slaw, relish and aioli.  One moment your bite was full of juicy meat, then soft sweet mango relish, the crunch of the Asian slaw and, oh my, the wasabi aioli gave the sandwich a wonderful sensation of heat.


Randy chose the Jamaican Jerk Wrap with a side of beans and rice.  He too was very happy with his choice.  According to Randy the wrap was definitely spicy, spicier than he is used to but he enjoyed it nonetheless.  I love black beans and rice and asked if I could have a forkful.  They were wonderful too.

It was the last night of our beach getaway but I told Randy that I definitely would like to come back to the Best Western, visit both Snack Jacks, Our Deck Down Under and Lulu’s again. I loved them all.  Randy agreed.  They all had great atmosphere, great food and based on the constant hum of conversation and laughter of the restaurant patrons, they would agree too.


We spent the rest of the evening lounging poolside watching people walking up and down the beach and the few die-hard surfers that were still in the water until the sky grew dark.  It truly was a wonderful getaway.  I will be going home rested and refreshed.

View of the night sky from our balcony.

View of the night sky from our balcony.



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6 Responses to Fun and Sun Beach Getaway – Lulu’s Oceanside Grill

  1. Randy says:

    Great wrap, just a little spicy, but good. Looks like a fun place later in the evening.

  2. Steve says:

    The mango relish on the burger sounds great. Mango is also a good combination with fish — I’ve had it as a relish on salmon and loved it.

  3. Mary says:

    Sounds like a great get away. Welcome home

    • Hello, Mary–It really was. I really needed the rest and relaxation. It must have worked because I spent this whole week cleaning out all my closets. Thanks for the welcome home! Mary

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