Celebrating the 4th July at the 2013 Gold Wing Convention

Is this a patriotic couple or what?

Is this a patriotic couple or what?

What a day!  The day started with heavy downpours but around mid-morning there appeared a brief clearing of the skies and we hurriedly walked to the convention center for another day of people watching and visiting the many, and varied vendors that had come to ply their wares.


DSC04211DSC04214I am a great people watcher and could not wait to see how people would express themselves for the 4th of July holiday.  I was not disappointed.  The very first person I saw was dressed head to toe in patriotic red, white and blue.  As we walked around the convention hall Randy and I saw many people dressed in red, white and blue top hats, pants with flag motifs, various tee shirts with patriotic pictures or sayings, and a great deal of tee shirts with the American flag proudly displayed.  We loved it.


We then stopped at one tent to admire a Gold Wing with a patriotic theme.  I loved the eagles on the back rests.  Patriotic themes are very common on motorcycles.


We came upon a booth that with a 1920’s era Harley Davidson with a sidecar.  It looked very much like the bikes used during WWII. The motorcycle was painted a drab olive green giving rise to the thought that perhaps it was a WWII military motorcycle, it was not.


Randy took an interest in a GTL sidecar for the GL1800 Gold Wing made by Hannigan Motorsports.  It was a beauty!


As we walked up and down the aisles, Randy and I could not help but notice how many trikes were on the floor, not only on display but being serviced.  The first time I remember seeing a trike was at the Honda Hoot bike rally in Asheville, N.C. sometime in the 90’s.   Back then there were just a few at a rally, however, they are becoming more and more common.

We ran into biker friends Jesse and Will while walking around the convention room floor.

We ran into biker friends Jesse and Will while walking around the convention room floor.

Randy and I had a great deal of fun walking from booth to booth looking at all the merchandise, listened to a few sales pitches and making decisions about what, if any, items we would pick up on the last day of the show.   We turned down an aisle and ran into two bikers we had not seen in a good many years.  Will and Jesse led a group of bikers each year to the Americade bike rally in Lake George, New York.  Randy mentioned to Jesse, “I still remember saying on the CB, ‘Road Kill left track’.  And Will said, “Yes, that would have been Jesse”.  We chatted a bit and then said our goodbyes  We always had a great time.  It really is a small world.  After a quick lunch, we stopped by the Honda and Harley Davidson demo tents to sign up for some demo rides the next day. .

Eating dinner and watching television in bed.  Life is good!

Eating dinner and watching television in bed. Life is good!

We barely made it back to the hotel when the heavens opened up once again and did not let up for the rest of the evening.  The television kept beeping and alerting watchers that there was a severe thunderstorm with flash flooding expected and if you were planning on traveling the warning read, “If you are planning on traveling, don’t.  Don’t drown”.  We took the message to heart and stayed put.  We ordered dinner in from a sandwich shop called Jimmy Johns sandwich shop and had the best sandwich.  Randy ran into another person delivering food who said to Randy, “It’s crazy out there.  I have a car full of food.”


We were watching television when all of a sudden we heard several booms, ran to the window and to our surprise, just above the wall of the building across the parking lot we could see hints of fireworks going off.  There we were, with noses pressed against the glass like little children hoping we would see at least one.  We were indeed treated to seeing several bursts.  We were also treated to watching as lanterns were released into the night sky.  We were very happy indeed.



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9 Responses to Celebrating the 4th July at the 2013 Gold Wing Convention

  1. Genny says:

    With all the rain, how in the world could any fireworks go off?!?!?!

    • Genny, Not easily! The fireworks that we watched through our hotel window took over an hour to complete. We would hear a burst and see a few fireworks, then ten minutes later see another burst and a few more fireworks. It seemed like it took forever. Randy said he thought that perhaps the fuses or electroni detonators were damp or just plain wet. Oh, well, we enjoyed them anyway. Mary

  2. Randy says:

    It was damp up here, but the downpour stopped just before the fireworks. Having a great time, but it is not an Americade.

  3. Sal says:

    It rained here twice on the 4th but we managed to attend a bar-b-q at the urgent care facility where I am a regular customer (sad to say) and then to Sumter Landing to see Hawaiian dancers and more rain later.

  4. Bob and Sandy says:

    Sure am glad that it finally dried out a little bit for you guys and hope you are having a good time.

  5. aidan says:

    I agree with your thought.Thank you for your sharing.

    • Hello, Aidan–If you like reading about great motorcycle rides check out my posts for our trip to the Canadian Provinces starting with July 15, 2010 through Augus 8, 2010. Also try reading our trip to the Natchez Trace and back starting June 5, 2012 through June 16, 2012. Both were great trips. Unlike this last trip we took we had great weather and great places to see. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some words. Mary

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