Sunshine, demo rides and good food

Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Touring

Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Touring

The last day of our visit at the Wing Ding and, we finally have sunshine.  Randy woke up and looked out the window and asked, “What is that big yellow thing in the sky?”  We ate a quick breakfast and walked up the hill to the convention for the last time.

We spent the last few days looking everything over and filing away the booths we would visit on the last day to perhaps make some purchases.  I was interested in new rain gear, a cute black vest and, we were both going to try our hand at winning a bear at the Progressive Insurance booth.

I bought the vest, the rain gear we will have to order online because they did not have our sizes.  We went back to the Progessive booth and won more lollipops, bike towels and caps to wear under our helmets but, alas, no bear.

Harley Davidson Road King

Harley Davidson Road King

Randy had registered the first day to do some demo rides on both Harley Davidson and Honda bikes but got rained out.  Now that we finally had some sunshine, we headed down to see what bikes were available to ride.

Harley Davidson V-Rod

Harley Davidson V-Rod

Randy chose three Harley Davidson motorcycles.  The first was a Road King, Randy rode before lunch.   After lunch Randy rode a V-Rod and then we rode the Ultra Classic touring bike.  After trying all three bikes, he said, “My favorite was the V-Rod”.  “I liked everything mechanical about the bike.  It was great, had strong brakes, it was very powerful and handled very well.

Harley Davidson Ultra Classic

Harley Davidson Ultra Classic

On one of Randy’s rides he noticed an area that had several restaurants and suggested we head that way for lunch.  So, we walked back to our hotel, picked up our bike and drove the demonstration ride route and found a great restaurant.


We had a great lunch at the City Range Steakhouse Grill.  I loved the restaurant’s southwestern motif.  Everything on the menu sounded wonderful making it very hard to choose.

Buffalo Popcorn Shrimp-Yummy!

Buffalo Popcorn Shrimp-Yummy!

We decided to eat as though it was dinner just in case we got rained in again.  We ordered the most wonderful appetizer called Buffalo popcorn shrimp that was absolutely wonderful.  The plate was loaded with these little pieces of, “crispy fried shrimp tossed in a spicy red pepper sauce, served with Danish blue cheese dressing”.  Randy normally does not like read spicy food but after I tasted one and told him that the combination of the hot spicy sauce and cool cheese dressing was to die for, he did and loved them.

Bourbon Pecan Chicken

Bourbon Pecan Chicken

For my main course I ordered the Bourbon Pecan Chicken.  The chicken was marinated and then pecan coated, flash fried and topped with a bourbon pecan sauce.  The chicken was served with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

Randy ordered the Fish and Chips.  The Alaskan Cod was coated with a Citybrew beer batter and served with a caper tartar sauce.

We were both extremely pleased with our choices.  In the end it was a good idea to eat a little heavier for lunch than normal because, once again, the heavens opened up and rained all evening.  We spent the evening packing because the next day we were back on the bike and heading to Huntsville, Alabama to visit Kara and the granddaughters.

We woke up to; you guessed it, more rain.  From Greenville to Atlanta we encountered intermittent rain.  The rest of the journey to Huntsville, we were in a constant downpour.  We had a couple of scary moments on the road but finally reached the LaQuinta hotel around 3pm grateful to get our rain gear off and rest a little.


The rain cleared up just around dinner time so we walked to the Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant that was nearby.  Randy was especially happy because he was enjoying his first beer since we left Florida.  When I looked at the menu all I could think of was comfort food.  I ordered an appetizer sampler that included stuffed potato shells, fried mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders.  Yum!  Randy had a half rack of ribs.  Now, all we wanted was to get back to the hotel, put on our pjs and settle in for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we will be with Kara.



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9 Responses to Sunshine, demo rides and good food

  1. Randy says:

    finally a well deserved beer and rides on a few Harley’s to help me make me glad I drive a Yamaha and Honda.

  2. Nothing like a ton of rain to make us appreciate the dryer side of riding.

    • Hello– Yes, we really do appreciate the drier side of riding. The day we left Greenville, we encountered intermittent rain all the way down to Atlanta. From Atlanta to Huntsville, Alabama we rode through a constant down pour. We were so glad to finally arrive at our hotel to get dry and rest a bit. We have been riding for a very long time and have encountered some very interesting weather along the way. But all the bad weather disappears from the memory as you remember all the wonderful things you have seen, places visited and, last and most important, just enjoying the ride. Thanks for stopping by. Mary

  3. Liz says:

    Thanks for sharing. Now we don’t have to do that, because i feel like I’ve been there!!!!

    • Liz–We really did not get to see Greenville because of all the rain. Our little world was the hotel, the convention center and the Krispy Kreme store across from the hotel. We had a good time though. Mary

  4. Genny says:

    I would have been totally shocked if y’all would have gotten back home on a Harley!

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  6. Jane Setman says:

    Rain on a motorcycle is as fun as rain while tenting. Sounds like you had a great trip in spite of the rain.

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