Visiting, painting, wiring and drywall mudding

Kara's home in Alabama

Kara’s home in Alabama

We arrived at our second destination, Huntsville, Alabama, after attending the Honda Wing Ding in Greenville, South Carolina on, what else, a rainy afternoon.

Covered bridge entrance to Kara's property

Covered bridge entrance to Kara’s property

Several years ago, Kara bought a lovely piece of property with a large meadow, lots of trees, a creek and a covered bridge entrance to the property.   Kara is renovating her home, so we thought we would stay for a few days and lend a hand.

Kitchen windows looking out at the meadow

Kitchen windows looking out at the meadow

My favorite room in the house is the kitchen with its large windows overlooking the meadow.  I can just see myself sitting at the kitchen table whiling away the hours drinking hot cups of tea and watching the birds flying from tree to tree while visiting Kara and the girls.

Creek at front of property

Creek at front of property

It has been a work in progress for quite a while and for the most part, Kara has been doing most of the work herself.   Oh, my, when we entered the house I did not realize what a daunting task it would be.  A great deal of work had been done but frankly  there was so much more that needed to be done that I was not sure how much we could get done in just a few days.

Painting Kara's bedroom

Painting Kara’s bedroom

We asked what we could do and Kara assigned us each a task.  One task that was most important was anything to do with electrical.  Randy said, “Not a problem”.  Then she said she needed some painting done and I said, “No problem”.  While Randy and I were busy wiring and painting, Kara set about finishing her drywall mudding, taping and sanding in both hallways.

Kara's turn to stand on the bucket

Kara’s turn to stand on the bucket

Now one problem we faced immediately was a shortage of ladders.  There was one 6′ ladder and one kitchen step ladder.  At any given time there was one of us standing on top of a big white bucket.  The dance of the ladders was quite funny as they were moved from room to room depending on who needed to be up high.

Doing touchup

Doing touchup

I was put in charge of painting her bedroom, the girls bathroom and five closets.  One closet was only 24 inches wide and by the time I finished I had white paint on parts of my clothing where it should not have been.

Randy trying to figure out how to rewire a 1920's fixture

Randy trying to figure out how to rewire a 1920’s fixture

Randy was put in charge of installing light switches, switch plates, wiring light fixtures and installing light fixtures.  A large problem loomed as Randy discovered that some of the fixtures were from the 1920’s, so all the wiring had to be replaced and then multiple trips to Lowe’s to find hardware to fit so he could install properly.  It was quite a challenge

Installing the outside spotlight

Installing the outside spotlight

I must say, I was very impressed at the skills Kara has learned while working on the house.  She has learned to install tile flooring, wood flooring, put up drywall, tape, mud and sand the drywall.  She planked an entire attic by herself.   All I could think of was, “You go girl!”


We put in 10 to 11 hour days at the house with only one short break each day to get a quick lunch and pick up more supplies at Lowe’s.  One day we stopped at a really good sandwich shop called the Dallas Mill Deli.  I had the best turkey and cheese on soft, seeded rye that I have had in a long time.  The meat was cut deli thin, topped with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.  Delicious!  Good thing too, because we got home so late each day we never had dinner while we were there until the last night.

By the time we got back to the hotel food was the last thing on our minds.  All we wanted to do was take a shower, run down to the indoor pool and hot tub and rest our weary muscles, then head back to our room and go to bed.

Randy, Kara, Me, Fiona and Lauren at Outback Steakhouse

Randy, Kara, Me, Fiona and Lauren at Outback Steakhouse

Our last day at the house, we shut down early so we could pick up the girls at their dad’s house and take them out for dinner and a visit.  After dinner we took them back to the house to see what progress had been made while we were there.  They were very happy.

Kara's beautiful dog, Dodger

Kara’s beautiful dog, Dodger

Kara took us back to our hotel, hugged each of us and said she was so glad to have, “Good hands,” helping.  I wished we could have stayed a little longer but our nine-year-old grandson, Derek is coming this week for a two week visit.  We needed to get home and rest.

This was definitely a crazy motorcycle trip for us.  We have never been in so much rain.  I finally asked Randy if I was starting to grow mold and mildew on my person.  But, as always, we had a great time.  We were fortunate that it only rained a little on our day and a half ride back to Florida.  We got in at 11:30am, it pour buckets at noon.  I am so glad to be home!!!

Next week back in the kitchen!!!




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3 Responses to Visiting, painting, wiring and drywall mudding

  1. Randy says:

    Glad to be home and glad that we avoided the rain on our last 2 days. Great trip, exhausting but can not wait for our next adventure.

  2. Patty Hagan says:

    Sounds like you’ve moved on from the Dancing DJ’s to the Traveling Handy-People! I’m sure your daughter, granddaughters and grand puppy appreciate all you did.

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