All aboard the Enchantment of the Seas

Birds hanging out the lines that ties the ship to the dock.

Birds hanging out the lines that ties the ship to the dock.

For the last six weeks, I have been dealing with bronchitis and a cough that will not go away.  Randy found a great deal for a short cruise out of Port Canaveral on the Enchantment of the Seas and I jumped at it.  I thought perhaps a few days on out on the open sea would go a long way in helping me to overcome my lingering cough and rejuvenate my spirit.


Our wonderful next door neighbors and friends, Bob and Sandy decided to come along.  They are great travel companions so we always have a wonderful time.  The nice thing about Port Canaveral is that it is only takes about an hour and a half to get there and there are plenty of places to park and cruise.  A quick ride in a bus to the terminal and we were off.


The first day of any cruise, everyone spends time walking around learning where everything is and we are no exception.  But first, up to the Windjammer to get lunch. Randy and I find we are always comparing ships we have cruised on before with new ones, and, I must say, although this one was bigger than the Monarch of the Seas and had many more features, I thought the Monarch a more elegant ship.


Once the announcement was made that the cabins were ready, we headed down to check it out.  Our outside cabin was roomy, the TV was working so I settled down for a short nap before the ship leaves port and the sail away party gets started on the pool deck.  There is always lots of fun music, cruise staff leading line dances, and waiters walking around carrying trays full of the beverage of the day.


In all the times we have passed through the channel and sailed past Cocoa Beach this was the first time we saw so many beach goers.  It was Labor Day weekend so I supposed many families wanted one last great weekend at the beach before the children go back to school.


We have always enjoyed the food on Royal Caribbean ships so I was really looking forward dinner.  The menu looked wonderful.  However, between the cough and the medication, my appetite has been a little off.  I decided to have a simple dinner of soup and salad.  I love their cold soups.  They are always delicious and wonderfully refreshing.  I ordered the Watermelon and Raspberry soup with pistachio dust and mojito foam and a Caesar salad.  Perfect!


This weekend was Bob’s birthday so we alerted our waiter and they surprised Bob with a small chocolate mousse cake, a birthday candle and then proceeded to sing happy birthday to him.  By the end of dinner we heard happy birthday being sung several more times around the dining room.  He was surprised and happy!


After dinner, Randy and I took a leisurely walk through all the shops, visited the Centrum, and finally took a nice walk around the promenade deck.  A special treat on any ship is the wonderful art work that can be found throughout.  Walking back to our cabin we came across a wonderful piece of bronze sculpture done by Kirsten Kokkin entitled, “Daphne and Apollo”.  I loved it.  There were several other bronze sculptures, but this was my favorite.  The description read:

“Daphne and Apollo are described in the moment when the young Apollo

Is chasing Daphne and she is turned into a laurel tree (by her father) to escape

Apollo.  As such Daphne represents chastity in Greek mythology and the laurel

leaf around Apollo’s head was his tribute to his only true love”.

Tired, we retreated to our cabin for a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we will be in Royal Caribbean’s private island, Coco Cay.



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8 Responses to All aboard the Enchantment of the Seas

  1. dee manin says:

    My grandson from Charotte ws on the same cruise>>>>>>>>Dee

  2. Randy says:

    It was a very nice first day on the ship.

  3. Diane Brandley says:

    You are probably back home by now, so we hope it was a Bon Voyage. Welcome home.

  4. Bob and Sandy says:

    A great first day traveling with Randy and Mary and sure to be more days to follow. YIPPEE!!!

  5. Connie says:

    Sounds like this trip is just what the doctor ordered. Blessings,

  6. james morgan says:

    Growing up in Cocoa and Orlando, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to the beach at Jetty Park….

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