Coco Cay, a little bit of paradise


I love Coco Cay.  This beautiful private island was the stop all four of us were looking forward to.


I love the white sand beaches, the beautiful turquoise water, and the hundreds of chairs to rest under the shade of the coconut palms.


I also love the wildlife that makes up the ecosystem of the island.  I enjoy watching the gulls swooping down to find morsels of food and then walking to the edge of the water to take a drink of water.


I love watching the terns standing sentinel on the pilings in the water.


I really enjoy watching the hens and roosters that roam around the picnic tables looking for food.  Of course, we don’t because feed the birds because there is a sign on each table asking visitors to ‘not’ feed the birds because they are on a special diet.


We have been to Coco Cay several times and the temperature of the water is always different.  Today, though, the water was perfect.  I remember saying to Randy, “This was the most people I have ever seen in the water”.  People were swimming, floating on mats, snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, waverunning or just wading in the cool, refreshing turquoise waters.


At one point Randy and Bob were walking close to the rocks and came upon many fish.  There were angel fish, tiger fish, and slip jacks of various sizes.  At one point Bob hit his foot on a rock and bent over to rub his foot.  All of a sudden fish were surrounding Bob.  He discovered that snapping his fingers under the water would bring the fish to him.  Before Bob knew it there was a crowd of swimmers flocking to the rocks hoping to call the fish to their sides.  It was really quite fun to watch.


I spent some time walking around taking pictures and when I returned to my chair Sandy was so excited saying she had just seen an iguana come racing down the palm tree next to her chair.  I looked quickly and saw the iguana making its way to another tree and followed it.  I almost missed it because it was hiding in some grass and it blended in so well.  I followed it for a while and got some great pictures.


We spent the entire day sun bathing, swimming, reading books, enjoying a great barbeque lunch, and, of course, listening to island tunes by the Caribbean Grove band.


Of course, we could not leave the island before enjoying a cold, refreshing beer at Bahama Jack’s Bar and Grill.


All too soon, it was time to return to the ship.  I still did not have an appetite so just enjoyed a wonderful chilled banana and rum soup and a salad.  Again, a simple meal was just perfect.


We finished dinner just in time to get to the Centrum for the Captains welcome aboard reception and parade of flags.  After some opening remarks, the captain gave a rundown of how many countries were represented by the passengers and the crew and how many were from each country.  As each country was mentioned a crew member appeared with the flag representing that country.  It was quite a nice presentation.

At one point during the afternoon, Sandy looked up into the sky wistfully and said, “Sometimes I try to describe Coco Cay to others and I think there just aren’t enough words”.   She was right, sometimes it is hard to explain paradise, but trust me when I say, Coco Cay is just a little bit of paradise.

Tomorrow we go to Nassau, The Bahamas.



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3 Responses to Coco Cay, a little bit of paradise

  1. Randy says:

    Just like a desert island, except with food, drink and lounge chairs.

  2. Bob and Sandy says:

    What a wonderful place, mon.

  3. Genny says:

    Oh, I like the swan towels!

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