Fun day in Nassau and a relaxing day at sea


The last two days of our cruise could not have been any more different.  We spent the third day of our cruise walking, dancing, and enjoying some local beer and other libations.  Our last day we spent swimming, relaxing and reading alongside the Solarium pool.

As I mentioned yesterday, we have cruised to Nassau several times over the years.  We walked the entire downtown area, been in every store, we took a rickety water taxi to Atlantis, we danced at Senor Frogs, ate a wonderful lunch at Graycliff restaurant, and enjoyed a beer at a little tucked-away public beach with a fun Tiki bar.

We decided this year we would retrace some of our steps visiting fun places from the past and perhaps find a new one.


First stop, Junkanoo Beach and the Tiki Bikini Bar.  We found this beach last year when someone Sandy met on board told her about it.  We thought, okay; let’s go see what it is all about.  We went and discovered this wonderful small, but cozy public beach.  As you walk to the beach there is this small, very busy bar right there on the beach.  We asked the bartender what the local beer was and he told us, “Sands”.  This day, they were 3 for $10 and, you got three shots with the purchase.  Now, how could you possibly pass that up?  Last year we remembered that there were overstuffed couches up on the porch of the bar, but this year they were out on the beach.  Our waiter kept calling me, “Mama” the whole time we were there.  The staff is very friendly.  There was a steady stream of tourist coming and going to both the beach and the bar.

DSC01283bSecond stop, Senor Frogs.  We all love Senor Frogs.  Senor Frogs is a restaurant and bar that just loves to entertain their guests with great music, fun games, and really good food.  We arrived at the restaurant just in time for lunch.  My favorite dish is their mixed nachos chicken and beef nachos.  They are just yummy!

DSC01284 DSC01287

Before lunch was done, Sandy and I were on the dance floor.  As we were dancing, the DJ announced that he would be giving drinks to several dancers that caught his eye.  Well, guess who he spotted?  Why, me and Sandy of course.  We were each given balloon hats and an island delight drink for our efforts.  I think mine was a pina colada.  Not sure, but it was very good.

DSC01288Our last stop for the day was at a little bar called the Tropicana Bar that we spotted earlier in the when we were walking around town.  The bar was advertising 3 beers for $10 so, we made a mental note to come back after our walk around town. There was only one other person sitting on the balcony and it turned out to be a crew member from our ship.  It was his day off and he was just kicking back and relaxing.  We engaged him in conversation learning many things about what it is like to be a crew member on a cruise ship, what his job was, and, what it was like to be away from family for long periods of time.  He was a very charming individual and we enjoyed our talk.


By the time we returned to the ship, we had just enough time to shower and get ready for dinner.  My appetite was returning but between the beer and nachos I was not very hungry.  I ordered, what at this point had become my usual, a wonderful chilled strawberry bisque and a salad.



After dinner we walked around the ship for a while stopping at the Centrum to take a few pictures.  Randy, Bob and Sandy went on to the theatre; I retreated to the cabin and worked on an article that was due to my editor Friday morning.

The next day we were at sea for our return voyage home.  The waters were so tranquil you could hardly believe the ship was moving.  We spent the entire day at the Solarium pool swimming, reading and relaxing.  The Solarium pool is a wonderful retreat.  It is an adult only pool and cushioned lounge chairs.  It also has its own small restaurant offering healthy choices for lunch.  I had a great salad with a reduced calorie raspberry vinaigrette. I was so relaxed, I did not even think about using my camera.  We stayed at the pool until it was time get ready for dinner.


Our last night, I finally had an appetite, a small one, but one nonetheless.  I ordered the chilled pineapple and lychee soup and a roasted turkey dinner.  After dinner we headed back to our cabin to pack and put our luggage outside our cabin door.  Tomorrow we will be back at Port Canaveral.

I always know when I have had a good vacation; when I look forward to going home as much as I look forward to going on vacation.  I am relaxed, rejuvenated and my cough is getting better.  This cruise was just what I needed!  Thanks, Randy







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4 Responses to Fun day in Nassau and a relaxing day at sea

  1. Randy says:

    Sands beer is very good, the shots to go with them were an added experience.

  2. Cindy Bergmann says:

    I just love reading about your adventures. Retirement has been very, very, good to both of you. You both look wonderful.

  3. Jody Gavin says:

    I go along with Cindy. I love reading about your adventures. You make one feel like they are on the excursion with you. Both you and Randy look wonderful.

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