Relaxing day at sea and so much more…

Beautiful sunrise 6:40am

Beautiful sunrise 6:40am

Fortunately, I am an early riser.  I made it out to the balcony just as the sun started rise over the horizon.


Today we all agreed to have breakfast in the main dining room.  We met outside Leonardo’s around 8am and waited for the doors to open.  We were able to sit in our usual table but were taken care of by a different wait staff.


Huevus rancheros

Huevus rancheros

Eggs benedict

Eggs benedict

I always look at how food is presented and I have never been disappointed on a Royal Caribbean cruise yet.  Today was not different.  I was not very hungry and just order some scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon.  Vilma ordered the huevos rancheros and Sheri tried the eggs benedict.   Everyone enjoyed their choices.


I must say, however, we were a little disappointed in the service.  The wait staff seemed overwhelmed and unable to take care of even the smallest of requests for additional butter, syrup and drinks.  Of course, we all had a great time chatting and exchanges ideas of how we were going to spend our day at sea.  Before leaving the dining room we all agreed to meet at 4:30pm to see the ice show.


We all went up to the guest relations desk to sign up for the ice show and then Randy and I went back to the cabin to read over the Cruise Compass to see what else was happening around the ship.  In the end we decided to just slip on our bathing suits, grab our books and head to the pool deck and secure our lounge chairs.


Periodically, I would get up and stroll around the deck looking to see how everyone else was spending their time.  I found Roger, Sheri, Dave and Cindy relaxing at the Solarium pool.


At one point in the day the wonderful band, Men of Culture, played a series of line dances and Cindy and I hit the dance floor and had a great time doing the Cha Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle.  Great fun!!


A little later the character Gloria from Madagascar was walking around the pool stopping here and there for photo opportunities with the many children on the ship.  It took me only a moment to decide that I was one of the children too and had my picture taken.  Love it.


One of the highlights of the afternoon on the pool deck was the sexiest man contest.  Trust me you have to see it to believe it.  It is always entertaining as the men who sign up try to convince the women judges that they are just the sexiest men alive.  It is truly very funny to watch.


DSC00901DSC00902Randy and I headed down to the FREEDOM-ICE.COM show and waited for our friends to come along.  What a great show!  The show was colorful, fast moving, and frankly, amazing.  I remembered the ice show I saw on the Oasis and thought that was amazing but this group had a small ice rink and still they were able to do all those wonderful jumps, acrobatics and the number of costume changes all while the ship is gliding through the sea.  The highlight for me was watching a skater manipulate many hula hoops while on the ice.  We all loved it!!


This evening I had arranged for the group to enjoy dinner in one of the ship’s specialty restaurants.  This was to be Randy’s official birthday dinner.  On our way to dinner we ran into Fiona from Shrek and, yes, I had to stop for a photo.


The restaurant was just perfect.  The restaurant was small, had warm, intimate lighting, great service and delicious food.   It was so hard to choose what to eat, it all sounded so good.  I finally settled on the ‘Not so traditional Caesar salad’, a combination of Romaine hearts, garlic croutons and chive-Caesar dressing, and the Petit Filet Mignon with classic Béarnaise sauce.  Every bite was delectable!


For dessert we enjoyed a double chocolate birthday cake complete with candles to share with everyone along with individual desserts from the menu.  Once again, everyone including the wait staff sang happy birthday.  Can I tell you that we were well sated at the end of this dinner?  Yes, we were.

Cindy is wearing the blue top.

Cindy is wearing the blue top.

After dinner we all headed back to our cabins to change before heading to the headliner show with Tony Tillman.  Before the show began, a call went out for volunteers to participate in an exercise on stage.  Our fun loving Cindy went up to the stage and participated in a contest of rock, paper, scissors.  Fun!


What a wonderful show.  Tillman was dynamic, energetic and took command of the stage from the moment he came on and dominated it until he finished.  We laughed, clapped, sang along and generally had a wonderful time.  We were so captivated, it felt as though we had just sat down and then it was over.


It was time for Randy and I to head to the Café Promenade to pick up Randy’s daily allotment of two coconut cookies before taking a walk around the deck and turning in for the evening.

The entire day was wonderful.  Tomorrow we will be stopping at St. Thomas.



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3 Responses to Relaxing day at sea and so much more…

  1. Jody Gavin says:

    Mary you are such a pro at writing. I enjoy reading all about your adventures.

  2. Randy says:

    Nice sea day with friends…..

  3. Bob and Sandy says:

    You all look like “trained professionals” at having fun.

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